Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting Class in Dayton Ohio

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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My friend Dave Spaulding is hosting me in Dayton for a one day Extreme Close Quarters Handgun Gunfighting class on Saturday, October 10th.  Dave tells me that the class is already half full and he expects it to sell out.  If you are interested, here’s the class announcement:


Teaching how to avert opponent's muzzle and strike with your own firearm (if you have a malfunction)

Teaching how to avert opponent’s muzzle and strike with your own firearm (if you have a malfunction)


The skills you learned on the target shooting range or in your CCW class may not work for you when the fight happens within arms’ reach. Extreme close range gunfighting is a completely different skill set, one that relies far more on FIGHTING than on mere shooting.


With up to 50% of gunfights occurring at ranges closer than five feet, you need this skill set! Join Greg Ellifritz as he teaches a dynamic close quarters gunfighting class that will cover the following topics:


Class Topics

– Retention Shooting Positions

– Body positioning and shooting stances for the close quarters fight

– In-fight weapons access and drawing skills

– Stopping and opponent’s draw

– Making contact shots without creating malfunctions

– Close quarters gun disarms

– One handed close quarters malfunction drills

– Using the firearm as an impact weapon

– Drawing and shooting from unconventional positions

– Weapons access and gunfighting from the ground

– Weapons retention, (in holster and in hand)

– and numerous other techniques!


Required Equipment:

– Handgun (no ported barrels), quality holster and belt, spare magazines and holder

– Eye and Ear protection

– Thin Gloves for the disarming drills

– 150-200 Rounds of ammunition




This is not the class for a beginning shooter! Proper gun handling skills and evidence of prior training (something more than a CCW class) is a prerequisite for the course. Prior training in a combative martial art or police defensive tactics class will be useful, but not required. The class will be somewhat physically demanding, but I will attempt to accommodate all levels of physical abilities.



$200 per person


Ammunition Requirements:

150 rounds minimum.  Most students will shoot closer to 200 rounds



October 10, 2015 – 9:00am-5:00pm



Private Gun Club near Dayton OH



If you are interested in signing up for the class, visit the Handgun Combatives Website.





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  1. Phil says:

    oh, that looks like it would be a lot of fun! shame I’m in a different country (and that if I did travel overseas for a course like this, I would probably be put on a watchlist)