Shooting Drill- 15 in 10

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz




My friend Dave Spaulding introduced me to the 15 in 10 drill in a recent article he wrote for Handguns Magazine.  According to the article, the drill was originally developed by Mike Pannone of CTT Solutions.


It’s a great drill for developing rapid shooting skills at (relatively) small targets.  The only downside is that you have to be shooting at a range that allows drawing from a holster and the placement of targets at different distances.  The instructions for the drill from the article:


It is shot on an IPSC target with A and C zones. Begin from the holster with hands in front of the body or hanging at the sides

  • Draw and fire five rounds at 20 yards.  Record your time.
  • Draw and fire five rounds at 10 yards.   Record your time.
  • Draw and fire five rounds five at five yards. Record your time.


Add the three times together.  The goal is to make all three runs under 10 seconds total.  All shots should be in the A-zone of the IPSC target, although one miss (into the C-zone) is allowed in each stage.


I ran the drill three times in last weekend’s training session.  I was using my new Gen 4 Glock 17 duty pistol and drawing from Spencer Keepers’ new “Keeper Lite” appendix IWB holster (review coming soon).


First Round: 7.48 total time, but two misses (in C-Zone) at 20 meters.

Second Round: 7.81 total time, still got two misses (C-Zone) at 20 meters.  I was clearly going too fast.

Third Round: I slowed way down to get hits.  10.61 total time.  All A-zone hits.


I liked the drill.  It was fun and fast paced.  It really requires you to “see what you need to see” to make the shot.  The 20 meter stage required some slow, precise shots.  In order to make up time, the five meter stage required a lot of speed and a flash sight picture.  Give it a try.  I think it well help your shooting abilities.






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