Shooting Drill- Viking Tactics Rifle/Handgun Transition Drill

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz


Viking Tactics owner Kyle Lamb has a very fast paced rifle/handgun transition drill you should be trying if you have a range that allows for forward movement towards the target.  The drill covers strong and weak shoulder rifle shooting, sling transitions, and pistol transitions in a very short time frame.   You’ll need three USPSA/IPSC silhouette targets downrange, 30 rounds in your rifle, and at least 6 rounds in your pistol.


Here’s the drill:


Stage 1)- 20 yards starting from low ready with the rifle.  On buzzer, fire two shots on each target, switch rifle to support side and fire two shots on each target.  Safe the rifle and run to the 15 yard line.

Stage 2) – 15 yards- Fire two shots on each target with rifle from support side.  Switch rifle to strong side and fire two more shots on each target.  Safe the rifle and run to the 10 yard line.

Stage 3) 10 yards- Fire two shots on each target with the rifle from strong side.  Transition to your pistol and fire two shots on each target with that.



Add 1/2 second to your running time for each shot in the “C” zone.  Add one second for each “D” zone.  Here is video of the drill performed by Kyle Lamb himself.



I ran the drill four times, twice with my duty rifle (16″ BCM upper on Rock River lower, using Aimpoint H-1) and twice with my AR “pistol”, (a Rock River lower with a 10.5″ barrel, SIG “arm brace” and ITAC mini red dot sight).



Here were my results:



Run 1: 44:30- 11 down = 49.8 seconds

Run 2: 47:40- 3 down= 48.7 seconds


Run 1: 46:61- 14 down = 53.61 seconds

Run 2: 49:28- 2 down= 50.28 seconds



In the video above, Kyle had total times in the 30 second range.  My scores above show that I’m certainly no Kyle Lamb with a rifle.  Nevertheless, I feel pretty good about my performance.  While there is no par time listed, I think that if you are scoring below 60 seconds on this one, you are probably doing alright.



Give it a try and let me know how it goes!



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