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Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by Greg Ellifritz


Greg teaching basic suturing skills at the last Virginia System Collapse Medical Skills class


Just wanted to let all of you know about some upcoming classes I have scheduled….


For those of you in the Virginia area, I have a few more openings for my upcoming classes in the Culpeper in a couple weeks.   I will be teaching a close range shooting class on Saturday, April 9th and a Tactical Medicine class on Sunday, April 10th.


Registration for either (or both) classes can be done on the FPF Training Website.


tdi impact 043


On April 23rd and 24th, I will be teaching my only impact weapons class of 2016 at TDI.  This is a fun class and provides  numerous skill sets for “non-permissive” environments where you can’t carry your gun.  The class covers expandable baton tactics, how to use a kubaton or palm stick, as well as how to fight with a cane.  Students are provided with each of these weapons to use in class and to take home with them when class is over.  Register for this one at the Tactical Defense Institute website.





Finally, I will be teaching another Extreme Close Quarters gunfighting class in north central Ohio on Sunday, May 15.  This one will be held on a very nice private range.  The host is providing the class for a ridiculously low price ($100 less than the same class hosted elsewhere) and there are only a few spaces left.  Call Mike Hummel at 330-763-3533 to register.




Course descriptions for each of the classes are below.  I hope to see you at one of them!  If you are interested in taking some classes later this year check out the rest of my 2016 training schedule.



Extreme Close Quarters Gunfighting


A student practicing shooting from a retention position in an extreme close quarters shooting class



The skills you learned on the target shooting range or in your CCW class may not work for you when the fight happens within arms’ reach.  Extreme close range gun fighting is a completely different skill set, one that relies far more on FIGHTING than on mere shooting.


With up to 50% of gunfight fatalities occurring at ranges closer than five feet, you need this skill set!  Join Greg Ellifritz as he teaches a dynamic close quarters gun fighting class that will cover the following topics:

– Retention Shooting Positions

– Body positioning and shooting stances for the close quarters fight

– In-fight weapons access and drawing skills

– Stopping and opponent’s draw

– Making contact shots without creating malfunctions

– Close quarters gun disarms

– One handed close quarters malfunction drills

– Using the pistol as an impact weapon

– Drawing and shooting from unconventional positions

– Weapons access and gun fighting from the ground

– Weapons retention, both in holster and in hand

– and numerous other techniques!


This is not the class for a beginning shooter!  Proper gun handling skills and evidence of prior training is a prerequisite for the course.  Prior training in a combative martial art or police defensive tactics class will be useful, but not required.  The class will be somewhat physically demanding, so please show up expecting to work hard.



Tactical First Aid and “System Collapse” Medicine



This hands-on class will develop proficiency in basic battlefield medical techniques utilizing the military’s latest “Tactical Combat Casualty Care” protocols.


Students will learn to stop traumatic bleeding from gunshot and knife wounds using the latest pressure bandages, tourniquets, and hemostatic agents.  Self care and care under fire will also be addressed.


Students will also learn simple patient assessment techniques, how to treat a sucking chest wound and tension pneumothorax as well as field fracture immobilization and expedient c-spine immobilization.  Options for assuring clear airways (including improvised surgical airways) will be discussed.


In addition, students will learn how to treat themselves and families in the event of a long-term breakdown in our current medical system.  Wound cleaning and disinfection under field conditions, injection of local anesthesia and wound closure (including minor suturing, staples, and tissue glue) will be practiced in our “trauma lab”.  If time permits, students will integrate all of these skills in several practical scenarios.


Information about what types of drugs to stockpile for natural disasters or a collapse in the health care system will be discussed, along with methods for legally acquiring those pharmaceuticals.  The instructor will also discuss what items should be included in a comprehensive medical kit and how to improvise those items in an austere environment

Integrated Impact Weapon Class

tdi impact 021

TDI is offering a first of its kind integrated impact weapon class. In this two-day class taught by Greg Ellifritz and John Benner, students will learn how to defend themselves using a variety of impact weapons including the expandable baton, Kubaton, and cane.


Students will learn stances, striking and blocking techniques, rapid deployment drills, defenses against common street attacks, and lower force level control options using all three weapons types. The class will be a fast-paced combination of striking drills and force on force scenarios culminating in a series of drills against a FIST-Suit wearing padded assailant.
Each student will receive his/her own cane, expandable baton, and Kubaton to use in training and take home after completion of the class. There is a $50 surcharge for these weapons included in the class tuition.



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