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Written by: Greg Ellifritz



I wanted to let you all know about a couple of websites that have recently mentioned Active Response Training.  The first is the Wasted Ammo Podcast.  These guys put out a humorous podcast about guns and self defense.  In a recent edition, they took some advice from this blog and shared it with their listeners.  I think you guys will like it.  Listen Here.


The second is a student review of one of my close quarters gunfighting classes on Lightfighter Tactical Forum.   The reviewer ended the summary with:


” It was a full day, and generally a fun one.  There were a few new concepts for me and lots of repetition and building on basics.  Overall it wasn’t a day with lots of major break throughs but well worth it.  Anyone who has a background in martial arts will enjoy the day and the less fighting you’ve done the more novel material there will be.  Check out Greg’s website activeresponsetraining for scheduling and more.  Given his attitude and the level of instruction I’ll certainly look for more classes from him. “


Read the full review HERE.


I appreciate the kind words, gentlemen!


If you are interested in taking any of my classes my full training schedule is at the 2016 Class Schedule link.  Most classes fill up well in advance of the class date.  If you want in, sign up early!






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