Two February Classes Scheduled in Manassas, Virginia

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by Greg Ellifritz


John Murphy of FPF Training is hosting me again on February 13-14.  The classes will be held at the amazing Elite Shooting Sports facility in Manassas, Virginia.


On Saturday the 13th, I will be teaching my Tactical First Aid and System Collapse Medicine course.  It’s a full day of treating gun shots,  knife wounds and blast injuries, along with some more long term “prepper” medicine about how to clean and close wounds as well as how to legally obtain and stockpile various prescription medicines for the possibility of a collapse of our current health care system.


If you are a shooter, outdoorsman, or world traveler, this is the course you definitely need to attend this year!

1520644_1066283140069835_4917248189891267207_nOn Sunday the 14th, I will be teaching my “Knife Skills for Concealed Carry” class.  This is a basic level defensive knife course designed to provide concealed carry permit holders with an effective method of using a folding or fixed blade knife as a backup weapon or a stand-alone option when visiting places that don’t allow firearms.


1914865_1066283170069832_7898635167292479931_nYou can register for either (or both) classes at the FPF Training website.  I hope to see some of you there!

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