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Basic Knife Skills for Concealed Carry

Greg Ellifritz from Active Response Training will be teaching a basic knife class in Clarksville, OH (1 hour south of Columbus, 45 minutes from both Cincinnati and Dayton) on September 10 from 9am to 5pm. The Basic Knife Skills for Concealed Carry class will be an introductory course designed to give people who normally carry a concealed pistol an alternate defense option if they venture into areas where carrying their pistols is illegal or impractical.


Topics covered will include:

Choosing a defensive knife

Carry locations

Drawing and opening the folding knife under stress

Basic cutting angles and targets

The three ways to use a knife to stop an attack

Escaping life-threatening physical attacks with a knife

Transitioning between knife and pistol

Weapon retention using the knife

The class will not be knife specific. Both fixed and folding blade training knives will be provided by the instructor. All ages and fitness levels will be accommodated.


The class will be held at a private indoor training facility. Cost will be $150 per person.   Only 18 total spots available.  Register soon, the last class I did here filled up fast.


This is the final one-day knife class I will be teaching in 2016!


To register contact Dann Sternsher at G4 Personal Safety

Dann Sternsher – Instructor, Consultant




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