Weekend Knowledge Dump- February 19, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Too Much Gun Pointing?



Many of you understand when it’s legal to shoot someone, but what about merely pointing the gun as a threat?  Take a look at this article that describes when it’s legally and tactically advantageous to point your weapon.



Understanding Stand Your Ground & Castle Doctrine


A lot of gun owners have trouble understanding the legal concept of “castle doctrine.”  Massad Ayoob attempts to clarify the concept in this article.  If you want even more info, read Massad’s latest book on the topic.



Vulnerability and hostile behavior

Domestic violence

“When you are perceived as vulnerable it invites attack. If someone perceives you as being vulnerable the perceived power difference between you can make even the most innocuous statement or behavior into a deliberate insult in the mind of the other party that actually justifies an act of criminal aggression against you.”



Open Carrier Robbed Of His Gun In Virginia



This article describes a situation where an open carrier was recently robbed of his gun as well as several other instances where similar open carrier robberies have occurred.

The last sentence of the article says it all:

“I do find it interesting, however, that the more training someone has, they less likely they seem to want to open carry”

If you are considering open carry, Ralph Mroz has a good checklist of questions to ask yourself before you do it:

  1. Is there anything in your training or experience that lets you know for certain that you have a good level of constant environmental awareness?  Most people don’t, and it does take training or specific experience in today’s culture to achieve it.
  2. Do you use a security holster?
  3. Do you have a good skill set in unarmed combatives, including some ground-fighting skills?


Ralph asks these questions of himself and comes to the following conclusion:

“I can answer “yes” to all three questions and I consider open carry to be too dangerous.  If you can’t, then assuming you are an open carry advocate, what the hell is the matter with you?”



Why I don’t open carry and don’t think you should either


Sometimes the dead horse needs to be beaten.  If you weren’t convinced about the hazards of open carry from the previous two articles, maybe this one will help you change your mind.



The Complete Guide to T Replacement


A very informative article about the benefits and drawbacks of supplementing with testosterone in older men.  This article contains even more science about testosterone supplementation.



Vision and Shooting…and Aging


Some solutions for when the sights get a bit fuzzy with age.  Here is another interesting article about some of the aspects of how vision affects shooting: Neurological Training for Shooting Performance (Pt. 2)



Julie Golob – 50-Round Drill


A simple 50-round shooting drill to keep your skill levels high in between more extensive practice sessions.  You’ll also want to check out these five shooting drills from Massad Ayoob and Pistol Drills-3 to 7 yards from Gun Nuts Media.



Open Garage Door Leads to Attack by Knife-Wielding Assailant


Video analysis covering a woman who was attacked in her garage.  Be exceptionally careful here.  I see garage attacks very commonly.  One other thing to think about, do you keep your garage door up while doing yard work?  I once had a mountain bike stolen out of my garage on a summer evening when I was mowing the grass in the back yard.  I now carry a gun when I mow my grass, not because I think I’m going to get jacked in my yard, but because I might have to confront a criminal who decides that my yard work provides an excellent opportunity for a burglary attempt.



ND Math and How Not to be Dumb on the Interwebs


The math behind the likelihood of a negligent discharge.  The more you carry and handle your guns, the more likely it is to happen.



The 5 worst examples of gun buying advice


“If someone comes to you for advice, don’t do this.”



You need LSD


Larry Lindenman does a deep dive into the science of why you need long, slow, distance training.  Part two of Larry’s series explains exactly how you should set up your program.



Choose a firearms instructor like you would an oncologist.


Pay attention to this high quality advice about choosing a defensive firearms instructor.



Fraudsters Tap Kohl’s Cash for Cold Cash


Here’s the latest fraud scam going around.  Be alert if you have an online Kohls account!



Revolvers: Ideal or Obsolete?


A very good article highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of carrying a revolver.

In terms reliability in a broader context, I think Chuck Haggard really hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that semi-autos are more tolerant of abuse but revolvers are more tolerant of neglect. A modern full size 9mm pistol from a quality manufacturer should be expected to go through a 1000 round class in a weekend without any problems. If you try the same thing with a revolver, you’re probably going to run into some issues, especially if you don’t keep it clean.

But if you take that same 9mm, load it up, and stick it in a drawer or in a holster and don’t touch it for a few years, what are they chances it’s actually going to work if you suddenly need it some day? It might get through a whole magazine without a hiccup, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don’t keep it lubricated and maintain it.”



Prepared Mind LDK Sheath Modification

FireShot Screen Capture #113 - 'Chris Tanner on Instagram_ “Nite Ize Total eCLIPSe Ka-Bar LDK knife solution_”' - www_instagram_com_p_BB0TgH6SB7v

My friend Chris from Prepared Mind 101 created a very useful modification for the sheath of the Ka-Bar LDK knife that I designed.  He added a Nite Ize Total Eclipse Belt Clip to the back side of the sheath.  These clips are designed for cell phones and come with a very strong adhesive backing that attaches them directly to the sheath.  This little $9 sheath modification allows you to carry the LDK in a lot more places.



How To Ask For Advice


Melody discusses ways not to be an “askhole” around professional firearms instructors.





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  1. TatendaZim says:

    When your garage door is up, lock the door into your house. I was doing some yard work and there was a foot pursuit of a burglar in my neighborhood. The burglar could have easily run past me and into my house (locking the door behind him) and there would have been nothing I could have done to stop him.