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Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Delta Media’s Concealed Carry Magazine just published one of my articles describing some research I have done into the types of guns criminals use in their crimes.  I think you’ll find the research interesting.  Check it out at the link below!



Criminals and the Guns They Carry






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  1. ferndale says:

    i’m a social worker in detroit. i work with juvenile delinquents, basically the kids you take these guns from, except after their convicted. my interviews completely support your conclusions.

    i recognize that my sampling is less reliable than yours, being based on an interview with the delinquent kid, but let me summarize anyways:
    1) most of the time, the gun had never been fired by the juvenile before the time they were arrested with the gun.
    2) if the gun had been fired prior to arrest, it was in the air at a party.
    3) the gun was almost always unloaded or partially loaded. the only time, i was certain that a juvenile was arrested with a loaded, functional weapon was one who stole it from his mother’s boyfriend, a police officer.
    4) in 1000’s of cases of 6 years in this position, in not one single case has a group robbery ever involved more than one gun.