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Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz



I was contacted several months ago by a group of writers who wanted to use my handgun stopping power data in a new book they were writing.  After some discussion with one of the writers, I allowed them to use my data.  The book was published last month and I just now finished reading it.



The book is designed to be a complete reference manual for surviving an economic/societal collapse.  I read books of this genre all the time.  This one is at the top of the heap.  If you liked the non-fiction works from Mat Stein, Jim Rawles, and FerFal, you’ll like this one as well.  I believe it is actually better than any other book of its type.



The book is 233,000 words.  If printed out, it would be 1100 pages!   Did I mention the price?  It’s $3.00.  That’s a lot of information for the price of a Starbucks coffee!



From one of the authors:

“The book is not your typical “prepare for the end of the world with endless combat amidst sudden anarchy prepper book”. The focus of the book is how to keep your family intact and functioning during another Great Depression, and how to re-adjust your lifestyle to survive and position yourself to be as self-reliant as possible and to thrive in such an environment. We show that governments almost never just evaporate, and that the Mad Max scenario so many promote is a myth.”

The majority of the book isn’t about guns and fighting, winning battles, killing people with ink pens, or any of the other crazy stuff we’ve seen in other books. For example we have about 20 pages devoted just to discussing examples of real famines, and showing how vulnerable our own food supply is.



We have over 100 pages devoted to hunting, trapping, and fishing, with more pages than that devoted to growing, gathering, gleaning, cooking, and preserving food.



We show people how the last depression, and other economic depressions in other countries since then, can serve as a blueprint on what to expect. Examples of this are mass foreclosures on properties, and the need many will find at some point to have their own viable living shelter which they own and control (vs living on the street), and the high probably of a need to relocate, maybe even every year or every season, to follow work opportunities and a fluid national economic situation.


A primary focus of the book is affordability of preparing for your average American, 64% of whom have $1000 or less in the bank at the end of every month, and 2/3 of those have $500 or less in the bank at the end of every month. Another primary focus is that a great many in our target readership will be new to many of the subjects we talk about. We cannot give in depth instruction in everything, but what we hope to do is give the reader a good start and send them in the right direction. The book is full of links to other information sources so people can expand their knowledge base.”



The book contains chapters on :

– The realities of the economic situation we are in (written by a former FDIC bank inspector)

– Historical economic collapse information

– Food storage

– Water Purification

– Food Preservation

– Gardening

– Gathering wild food

– Hunting

– Trapping

– Fishing

– Knives

– Processing game

– Cooking

– Refrigeration

– Health, Medicine, and Sanitation

– Shelter

– Heating

– Outdoor Wood Cutting Tools

– Solar Power

– Vehicle Selection, Repair and Maintenance

– Communications

– Self Defense and Firearm Selection

– Ammunition and Reloading



It is a great reference manual at a great price.  It should be purchased and read by everyone who anticipates social unrest or economic difficulties in the future.



 Locusts on the Horizon is available at



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  1. David says:

    Just started reading this and already have had some “holy crap that makes a lot of sense” moments.

    Thanks for the heads up on this.

  2. old and scarred says:

    just ordered it – 2.99 is a deal, but……if any of this happens, how will i be able to recharge my kindle routinely to read/review it?

    • Greg Ellifritz says:

      I use a Solio solar charger for mine. You can also charge via USB car charger if you can still run your automobile.

  3. old and scarred says:

    yea, yea, can get a solar charger or print it out……just thinking a paperback printing would be a good idea……..

  4. Kalaryn says:

    I only found it on amazon as a kindle version, I don’t have a kindle. Is there a place to buy it in an actual book form? It sounds extremely intriguing.

    • Greg Ellifritz says:

      No, it’s kindle only to keep costs down. You can download the aps from amazon that will allow you to read it on your computer or smartphone.

      • EOTWAWKI says:

        I would think PDF file would be the cheapest & most easily available media. Or at the least the option for PDF in addition to the kindle. If you’re thinking about payment processing there are digital DL payment processors out their or sign up for a free Apple dev account, DL iBooks Creator & upload it to the iBooks store. Just a suggestion if you would like to get your publication out to more people who want to read it.

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