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Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz

"Unthinkable" class in Virginia

“Unthinkable” class in Virginia


Last weekend I teamed up with Dr. William Aprill to teach an “Unthinkable” class in Manassas, Virginia.  The class was all about dealing with worst case scenarios and was hosted by John Murphy of FPF Training.


The 24 students we had in class seemed to really enjoy it.  We asked for anonymous feedback after the class was finished.  The students’ averaged scores as answers to the below-listed questions were as follows:


1. I learned something important- 4.95/5
2. I got my money’s worth- 5/5
3. I would take another course with instructor- 5/5
4. I would recommend this course to others- 4.95/5


One student commented “I always hate to give all perfect scores, but in this case it’s justified. No bullshit.”


I guess you can’t ask for anything better than that!


Todd Louis Green (of fame) attended the class.  He commented:


This is one of the few classes I can think of — and I should have said this in the review — that you can recommend to a non-gunner. It will quickly get that person thinking about how dangerous the world can be.


Todd wrote a glowing review of the course as well.  Check out the link to read it in its entirety.  The part of the review that I liked the best was this passage:


“The typical student came to Unthinkable with a similar attitude: “I’ve taken a class on how to shoot someone who is trying to rape me; I’ve taken a class on how to stab someone who is trying to rape me; now I’m taking a class on how to remain sane and escape if someone kidnaps me and probably intends to rape me.” It’s far from the typical class popular among shooters. But it’s about facing the reality of things that might happen that most shooters don’t want to think about.”


That comment makes me quite happy.  That is EXACTLY the knowledge that William and I wanted to impart.  Thanks to Todd for the review.  It means a lot to be spoken of so highly by such a successful instructor in his own right.


If you are interested in hosting Dr. Aprill and I at your facility for a class in 2016, please contact me and we’ll get something scheduled!






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