Weekend Knowledge Dump- October 2, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Fundamentals Uber Alles


Words of wisdom from Cecil Burch.  Cecil is a great instructor.  Check out his class schedule and take one of his classes if you are in the neighborhood.



Everything there is to know about knife fights (almost)

FireShot Screen Capture #032 - 'Everything there_' - thestreetstandards_wordpress_com_2015_09_15_everything-there-is-to-know-about-knife-fights-almost

Ralph Mroz talks about the realities involved in fighting with knives.





Some very cool pictures of guns carried or owned by Presidents of the USA.



Tracking Bluetooth Skimmers in Mexico


ATM skimmers used to be pretty rare.  They were large contraptions that fit over the outside of the card reader on the ATM.  They were most commonly seen in tourist areas on “stand alone” ATMs that weren’t regularly serviced.  Now it seems that the ATM technicians are installing small bluetooth compatible skimmers to steal your data inside the machines themselves, at least in Mexico.  My best advice is to avoid ATMs in obvious tourist areas and to use the ATMs that are inside a bank.  Although not a foolproof strategy, doing this will at least limit your chances of having your card data stolen.


One other thing…for foreign travel, you want a traditional ATM card, NOT an ATM debit card.  The traditional cards have daily withdrawal limits so the crooks can’t clean you out.  With the debit card, they can take out more money and charge things to your account.  The traditional ATM card will help limit the damages if your data is stolen.



Why you should NEVER rechamber the same AR-15 round twice


This is important information for any of you who carry defensive firearms, pistols included.  Rechambering rounds damages them.  Most shooters don’t know that.  Read the article.



Ambush that killed two Metro cops in 2014 lasted 4 seconds, testimony shows


An in-depth analysis of the gunfights that killed two cops, two criminals, and a concealed carry permit holder in Las Vegas last year.  This one is well worth your time.  Pay attention to how the two criminals ambushed the cops eating lunch.  Then take a look at the tactics they used to kill a CCW permit holder who was trying to stop their shooting rampage.



Personal safety apps: do they really keep you safer?


Grant Cunningham provides some solid information about the latest “personal safety apps” for your smart phone.  They really won’t keep you safe.

“The only place where this kind of app would have any real value is in the reporting aspect. I hate to sound morbid, but in reality it simply gives the police a place to look for a body. Attacks take place in a matter of seconds; by the time this app realizes (through its sensor monitoring) that something was amiss and waited the requisite time for the user to press the “I’m OK” button before actually alerting someone, the attack could well be over. Factor in the time delay in summoning the authorities, and the low priority any alarm call is going to be assigned by dispatch — well, we’re back to telling the police where to look for the corpse. At best.”



Looking for Concealment


Matthew Allen is one of the few “out of the box” thinkers in the tactical industry. Check out his valuable insights on the relative merits of cover versus concealment. His website is also a veritable goldmine of quality information. I especially like his series “Dark Arts for Good Guys.



What’s in My Bag? :: What Refugees Bring When They Run for Their Lives

What's in your bag.

Some real life “bug out bags” here.  Take a look at this article about the items that Syrian refugees are carrying with them to ensure their survival during a real life urban “bug out.”



Tactical Tip Of The Week


Force on force training is becoming more widely available.  It’s incredibly useful, but also incredibly dangerous if not done well.  Here are some good guidelines for doing it right.



New Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy


Some quality science to help you deal with your negative thought patterns.



Tip Offs He May Attack You


Hock lists some of the most common pre-assault indicators.  It’s important to understand these and be able to recognize them.  These indicators can provide qualitative justification for a force escalation or a pre-emptive attack.



Concussion in Sports: Sideline and Emergency Department Evaluation and Management


Concussions are common injuries and can have lasting consequences.  Here’s how to identify them and what to do for treatment.  Although this article is in the context of high school sports, the same guidelines apply for you martial artists/fighters as well.  The same group also came up with a valuable list of treatment protocols for eye injuries.  Both documents are worth your perusal if you have any interest in medical skills.



Target Based Behavioral Conditioning


Have you ever considered that the targets you use in training could be producing Training Scars?



Entangled Blade Work

FireShot Screen Capture #039 - 'Shivworks and Shivworks Alumni' - www_facebook_com_384993038366814_videos_404985059700945__pnref=story

Craig Douglas shows a simple and elegant solution to the problem of an attacker grabbing your weapon bearing limb in a fight.



USSOCOM Issues Safety of Use Message for EOTech Enhanced Combat Optical Sights


I really like the circle/dot reticle on the EOTech optic.  I think it’s the fastest reticle on the market.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen significant problems with EOTechs not holding a zero in the classes I’ve taught.  The military is noticing the same thing and put out this safety warning.  If you are looking for a quality optic for your AR-15, I would suggest that you stick to the Aimpoint.



“Preparing for Terror – The Massacre Coming to Your School”


Buckeye Firearms is hosting Dr. John Giduck, author of the book Terror at Beslan, for a terrorism seminar later this month.  I’ve attended three different seminars taught by Dr. Giduck.  All were outstanding.  The man has an excellent understanding of the tactics and motives of numerous international terrorist groups.  He has presented some truly innovative tactics for the on-scene management of terrorist attacks as well.  I highly recommend both this seminar and all three of his books.





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6 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. John says:

    Thought the “What’s in My Bag?” article was very interesting. NONE of the profiled bags contained two of the items you would find on the “essentials” list of any North /American prepper: a knife, and a flashlight. And yet somehow the refugees are managing in their absence.

    (Not that there’s a chance that I’m going to stop carrying my light and blade, but maybe they’re not as “essential” as we think they are.)

    Keep up the good work, Greg!

  2. caleb says:


    Thanks for linking to what you’re reading (as always)

    Question: in the video of the Wal-Mart cop killers that took out the CCW holder (your other work on lessons learned from that was great too) — the responding crisis SWAT guys that they blurred out in the video appeared to be wearing shorts and tshirts.

    Because the event happened so quickly, my assumption is these SWAT guys are on standby and keep some type of “go equipment” in their trunk and just speed there, meetup, throw on some gear and enter the building ASAP.

    (Lessons learned from Columbine and all that, active shooter response, etc)

    Got me thinking about “go kits”, gear wise. What does a SWAT officer carry like this? I would think at a minimum they have plate carriers with hard plates for rifle defense, maybe chest rig with extra mags and blow out kits. Being a LEO and well versed in all this can you give us any insight?

    • Greg Ellifritz says:

      Two explanations for the Swat guys in shorts…

      One is that most full time SWAT teams get a set period in their shift for workouts. They might have been working out when this happened and just grabbed a little gear and went. The other is that SWAT teams are often used for surveillance details on violent criminals. They might have been working plain clothes surveillance nearby when it happened.

      Every team is different with regard to what they carry with them in situations like this. Often it is up to the individual officer. They will generally have body armor, tactical vest or plate carrier, helmet, eye protection, rifle or subgun. Some will have med kits. Some will have breaching tools. They might have ballistic shields or bomb blankets as well.

  3. Steve S. says:

    I reassessed my opinion of John Giduck after reading several of the stories posted here: http://thisainthell.us/blog/?s=john%20giduck YMMV

  4. thebronze says:

    Steve S. beat me to it.

    Giduck is a fraud and a huckster.