Your Tactical Training Scenario- Criminal Retaliation

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by Greg Ellifritz


One of the most common questions I receive from crime victims is “Will the criminal come back?”  It’s a tough question to answer.  It’s very rare that victims of violent crimes are re-targeted by the offender.  It’s also rare that criminals will attempt to enact some kind of revenge or retaliation after the crime has been committed.


Even though retaliation or re-targeting is statistically rare, it does happen.  Check out the link below for an example:


Alleged Central Park Rape Victim: ‘Kill Him. Cut Off His Penis’


The 73- year old victim in this case was raped while walking through a park in the middle of the day.  It wasn’t a random attack.  The rapist and the victim had a previous meeting.  According to the article:


“She said he was angry she took a picture of him masturbating last week and approached her about it yesterday”


The rapist had been caught masturbating in the park by the victim the week before.  She took a photo of him in the act and told him that she would call the police.  He remembered her and when he saw her again, he enacted his revenge.


Scene of the attack


No one would expect that someone who was caught masturbating would escalate to such a level of violence.  No one would expect that a 73 year old woman would be raped in broad daylight in Central Park.  Both happened.  What can we learn from this crime?


Every action you take has consequences.  Some are known.  Some are predictable.  Some are completely random.  Was the likely outcome of the victim’s photo taking a future attack?  No, it wasn’t.  Yet that’s exactly what happened.  Sometimes we play the odds and lose.  Sometimes criminals do unpredictable things.  Usually, an aggressive response is enough to deter the average indecent exposer.  In this case it was not.


I don’t have all the answers.  I can only pose the questions.  And the question you must ask yourself is:  “What would I do if I saw a man exposing himself in a public park?”


Would you act aggressively like this woman did?  Would you ignore him?  Would you pretend you didn’t see him and call the police?


Each of these actions has consequences.  Which action do you believe is safest for you?




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  1. ianmko says:

    People who go into very public places to express their sexual fetishes began their deviancy in far less public places. Like a bad drug addiction, more and more deviancy is needed to continue feeling the high. By the time this guy advanced to somewhere as busy as Central Park, he is already requiring a very high dose of fantasy thrill to feed his deviancy neurosis. He was in Central Park when she caught him, and he was in Central Park when he retaliated. I’m willing to bet his rage resulted from fear of having his “drug” (the ability to act out his fantasy) taken away from him. I’m also willing to bet she assumed this was just a random event, and he would be so embarrassed after taking his photo that he would simply never show up there again (forgetting that exhibitionists want to be seen). So in her mind, there was no rational cause for carrying protection or being more aware when walking through this guy’s fantasy zone. In his mind, it was an existential crisis. Had she any training in psychology, she would have realized her attack on his fantasy had potentially serious consequences.