Weekend Knowledge Dump- August 5, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The Pistol in British Military Service during the Great War

FireShot Screen Capture #016 - 'THOUGHTS ON DISSERTATION - davidthomas_pdf' - www_worldwar1_com_tripwire_pdf_davidthomas_pdf

Very cool 38 page PDF document covering WWI British pistol use and training.  The training and standards advocated here are more advanced than what we currently use to train our modern-day cops.  It’s sad to think that we’ve actually lost ground in 100 years of “progress.”

“These cover grouping, rapid and snap shooting, at a variety of ranges, and engaging targets whilst advancing on foot. Shooting is to be conducted with both right and left hand, single and double action, to tight timings. One practice involves firing at targets whilst moving down a trench. There are mounted practices for those for whom they were appropriate.”

“He advocated the use of instinctive shooting at close ranges and using the sights for longer distances.  Tracy’s stated “War Shot” standard was the ability of a man to hit a 12” by 16” rectangle, with one pistol shot at ten yards, in one second.”



You Can Be First, Or You Can Be Right


1. Remember, in the immediate aftermath almost everyone will get it wrong



Wharncliffe Blades


Wharncliffe style blades (like the Spyderco Yojimbo above) do slash deeper than any other blade design.  Check out a bunch of other options at the listed link.  And while we are talking about defensive knives, get educated about blade steel as well.



Defending against terroristic mass murder


“It’s not about the odds, it’s about the stakes.

You, who by choice are reading a magazine dedicated to self-reliance, don’t need me to tell you that.

But there are people in your lives— and people who make the laws that guide our lives in this country— who need you to tell them these proven facts.”

Something else to remember is that modern day terrorists use bombs in their attacks.  Here is some basic terrorist IED information.



Airsoft Basics for Force on Force


A valuable video to watch before you start using airsoft in force on force training scenarios.  You should also watch his video about making a cheap airsoft training backstop for shooting the pistols inside your house.



P.J. Ortiz, Colonel, OSS


A very cool article for any of you looking for heroic inspiration.



Opioid Abusers Using Loperamide to Get High or Alleviate Withdrawal, with Fatal Consequences

FireShot Screen Capture #015 - 'Toxicology Rounds_ Opioid Abusers Using Loperamide to Get Hi___ _ Emergency Medicine News' - journals_lww_com_em-news

One of the most used drugs in any survival stockpile is Immodium (loperamide).  It safely and reliably stops diarrhea.  It is also used on the street to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms.  Here’s how it works for that purpose.  If society takes a downturn, there will be lots of opiate addicts unable to get their drugs.  This may ease some of their suffering…as long as they aren’t fatally dosed like these patients.

You’ll note that the article talks about creating restrictions on the future sale of loperamide.  It might be a good idea to stock up now just in case.  Amazon has 800 caplets for less than $20.  That should be a lifetime supply for most of us.



Police Officer Shot for His Cell Phone


Why I caution people not to use expensive smart phones on the street in foreign countries.  Doing that makes you a very tempting target.  That little computer you are holding up to your ear is worth more than three months’ salary for a person living in a developing country.

In Colombia they have a saying about this way of tempting criminals.  They call it “Dar papaya.” It means “to give papaya.”  It’s the equivalent of giving the criminals a tasty treat.  Don’t give the criminals any papaya.



Technique: (Slide) Rack City, Rack Rack City


This is a comprehensive look at all the positive and negative aspects of the various methods used to chamber a round in a semi auto pistol.  I used to be somewhat militant about recommending “the best” way of doing this.  Now I don’t care so much.  I let students use the slide release, overhand grip, or slingshot the slide.  All of those methods work.  As long as the student gets the round chambered quickly, it really doesn’t matter so much how he does it.



The Most Likely Age of Sex Offenders: They Aren’t Old People—They’re 14.


Picture someone you might imagine would be on a sex offender watch list.  Did that person look like one of the boys in the photo above?  If not, you don’t understand how screwed up our sex offender labeling has become.



One gun for all? The choice is yours…


Have you ever considered which gun you would choose if you could only own a single pistol?  I think I would choose either my Glock 26 or a J-frame .38 snub.  Ironically, I don’t carry either of those two guns very often.  I generally carry something bigger or something smaller, depending on where I’m going or how I’m dressed.  But if I had to pick one gun it would probably be the G-26.  Small enough to conceal anywhere, but you can run a 17 round magazine in it and it’s almost as good as a G-17.


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors


The Mountain Guerrilla talks about the core values that define your “tribe.”

“So, how does that apply in this context?

Minding your own damned business!

Not everyone in your community is going to be part of your tribe. At the same time however, that doesn’t necessarily make them the “enemy,” unless you force them to choose the other team to support. If you start looking for reasons to be a dick, or just end up being a dick because of negligence on your part, you WILL drive people to the opposition, and that is a negative outcome for you.”

That bit of advice has utility in many contexts outside the one he describes.

If you like Mosby, check out his most recent podcast talking about building the tribe.



Myth Busting Knife Attacks by Darren Laur


Mythbusting Fairbairn’s “Timetable of Death” that states knife wounds are fatal in somewhere between three seconds and two minutes.  In reality, the timetable looks more like 2-60 minutes depending on which structure is cut.  The book “Contemporary Knife Targeting” covers this topic in even more detail.



Better Cops


“We forget too often what camaraderie is until a black band has to be placed over our badges.  We refuse to admit the simplest things which will make us be proud of who we are, instead of looking for the way out.  It should be unacceptable for our officers to sit in roll call depressed, or wandering about their back up or effectiveness of equipment once they hit the streets.  To walk the hallways of their agency during internal investigation feeling complete isolation, and for their team mates to wander who’s next.  To work the streets questioning their response, and the support of their agency, if they are forced to respond.  This not only diminishes the ranks of qualified individuals.  It costs lives.  It reduces standards, and it does a tremendous disservice to our communities.”



The 5 x 5 Drill



Another fun shooting drill for you to try.  Draw, five shots to A-zone, reload, five shots to B-zone.  Five second par time.



Random Thoughts on Counter-Ambush For Police


Criminals and terrorists ambushing police officers has become exponentially more common in the past few months.  Cops are looking to alter their tactics to more safely approach their calls.  We don’t have to re-invent the wheel here.  South African cops have been getting ambushed for a long time.  Here are some tips from a leading South African police trainer about how they prevent police ambushes.



Rangemaster Newsletter

FireShot Screen Capture #018 - 'C__Users_Tiffany_AppData_Local_Temp_mso529_tmp - 2016-08_RFTS-Newsletter_pdf' - rangemaster_com_wp-content_uploads_201

Tom Givens always provides a ton of value in his free monthly newsletters.  In this edition, the first article on “speed reholstering” is exceptionally useful.  Opens to PDF.



Indoor Range Practice Sessions

FireShot Screen Capture #019 - 'Indoor Range Practice Sessions I tactica_' - tacticalprofessor_wordpress_com_2016_07_30_indoor-range-practice-sessions

My friend Claude Werner has just published a new ebook full of shooting drills that are suitable for most indoor shooting ranges.  It looks very good.  I’ve already purchased a copy and will be doing a review on it soon.




The most succinct video breakdown of the Dallas police officer shootings that I have seen.


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