Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 16, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Does Temperature Affect Bullet Point of Impact?


Temperature affects velocity.  Velocity affects point of impact.



Travelling Abroad: Mind Your Manners While Staying Alert

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Some tips to help keep you from getting your head bashed in when traveling.  The “educational beatdown” is still a part of many cultures.  “Etiquette in Unknown Areas” is a useful read as well.



Death of a Cop-Killer


Massad Ayoob takes a look at a couple of historic gunfights from the 1920s and shares the lessons learned which are still valuable today.



Legendary Leather Of The Masters


Speaking of historic gunfighters, here as a very cool article about some of the leather gear worn by some gunfighting legends in the early to mid 1900s.  Chic Gaylord made a lot of these rigs.  Most people don’t know, but he also wrote one of the first gunfighting books ever printed.  The book is out of print now, but used copies are still available.  If you are interested in gunfighting history, pick up a copy of The Handgunner’s Guide.



Video of mugging of 91-year-old woman

Watch the classic pre-assualt indicators this guy displays. Pay extra attention to how he looks around, looking for a victim, how he moves toward the victim and those last final looks to make sure there aren’t any cops around.



10 Week Plan to Prepare for a Worst Case Scenario for Beginners


Wanting to be more prepared, but don’t know where to start?  This is an excellent resource.



Good Samaritans Help Officer Subdue Suspect


Some top-notch advice from John about helping a police officer in trouble.



The Myth of Getting What You Want (Or Wanting What You Get)


So there is but one way to act. To give your gift. Without any conditions, ultimatums, demands. Just to give it. The act is the way.

The idea of “giving your gift” is especially important for men.  A man without a sense of purpose is a failure.  For all the dudes out there who want to read more about the topic of “giving your gifts,” The Way of the Superior Man is the top resource in the field.



The 5 x 5 Drill


Another fun pistol drill to try out.



“I’m a Concealed Carrier. Should I Engage an Active Shooter?”


Some important things to consider before you go after the active killer.  If you like this article, you will probably enjoy the author’s book “Safe from the War.



What Makes A Good Handgun Holster?


I see lots of crappy holsters being worn.  If you don’t know the difference between a good holster and a bad holster, please read this article.  Here’s a hint: If the holster came in a package deal with the gun, it is probably worthless.



Choosing a Holster for Appendix Carry


Since we are talking about choosing holsters, in this article Melody provides some good advice here for anyone looking to buy an appendix carry holster.



WiFox App Is A Continuously Updated Map Of Wireless Passwords From Airports And Lounges Worldwide


This might be a useful app for those of you who spend a lot of time in foreign airports.  Speaking of traveling Apps, this article gives you some unique alternatives to booking your accommodations on AirB&B.



4 Unexpected Fire Starters You Can Use in an Emergency


A few surprisingly flammable items you can use as emergency fire starters.



Estimating Blood Loss

A quick and easy method of estimating a casualty’s blood loss based on the amount of blood on the ground.  Keep in mind that this would lead to an underestimate if the patient was bleeding from the chest or abdominal cavities (where blood tends to accumulate without leaving the body).  I would use this one for extremity bleeds only.



1000 Days of Practice (Part I)


Read Claude’s thoughts on completing 1000 straight days of dryfire practice.  Check out Part Two and Part Three and Part Four as well.


Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn’t Been Punched in the Face


“A man who has been in a fight or played violent sports has experienced more of life and manhood than a man who hasn’t. Fisticuffs, wrestling matches, knife fights, violent sport, duels with baseball bats, facing down guns, or getting crushed in the football field—men who have had these experiences are different from men who have not.”



Eleven SWAT officers are treated for exposure to fentanyl and heroin after becoming sick during drug bust


For my police readers, please pay attention.  Lots of heroin dealers are cutting their smack with fentanyl.  It’s very easy to get exposed to airborne fentanyl.  It can also be absorbed through the skin.  Make sure you use PPE on any raids where you suspect that there might be heroin or fentanyl seized.






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