Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 23, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


5 Powerful Masculine Quotes By David Deida


I mentioned David Deida in last week’s Knowledge Dump.  Here is a recent article about a few more of his ideas.  If you are male and haven’t read “The Way of the Superior Man,” you are missing out on a lot of skills and information that will make your life much more rewarding.



Temporal Sequencing, Incident Sophistication, and Terrorist Outcomes


A unique study looking at over 500 terrorist plots in the USA from 1980-2015.  Their conclusions were as follows:

– Terrorists who engage in a significantly shorter planning and preparation cycle have the greatest probability of success.
– The greater the number of preparatory acts required for commission of a terrorist incident, the greater the probability of failure.
– Contrary to most expectations, the fewer the number of persons involved in the preparation process, the lower the rate of success


Read the whole study.  It’s only four pages.



More Proof That Compliance Doesn’t Mean Safety


A very important reminder that compliance cannot be your sole defensive strategy.  It doesn’t always work!



The Myth of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone


“Hard work doesn’t equal success anymore. Maybe it never did, but that’s another topic.

So what does? Doing something that matters.

Changing human lives in some small but significant way. Really giving, affirming, improving life.”


Basic Tactics: Angular Searches


Some incredibly important ideas regarding using angles to your advantage during a building search.  As my friend Chris Wallace says “You kill them with geometry.  The bullet only finishes them off.”



Hot Brass!


In almost every class I teach, at least one student gets some hot brass down his/her shirt.  It livens things up very quickly.  Here are some ways to minimize the chance of getting burned.



Police like me are taught to fear Americans instead of protect them. And people will die because of it.


An intriguing idea here (proposed by a fellow police officer):

“Simply out, police training in America is in dire need of an overhaul. Too many departments still ignore emotional intelligence and behavioral analysis aspects of threat recognition. We need implicit bias training and community outreach. Our training spends too much time and effort on the “exceptions,” and not enough on the “rules.” Police training should emphasize slow-down strategies and tactics that allow for police officers’ critical thinking skills to complement, and, if necessary, override, emotions like fear or prejudice.

Above all, we need to adopt evidence-based risk management modeling that will appropriately train our officers to be aware, prepared, and ready, instead of using biased, anecdotal war-storytelling methods that–unintentionally or not–create an us-or-them mentality.”
He’s certainly correct in some ways.  We train new officers to “wargame” how scenarios can go bad and then take action to prevent that from happening.  Take a step back and rationally look at the result of that teaching technique.  If a random person is constantly visualizing imaginary scenarios where people try to hurt or kill him, we would consider that person mentally ill and paranoid.  But for some reason, we encourage officers to do those things so they can be “safer.”  It really doesn’t make much sense.I wish I knew a better way of doing things.  How do you teach officers about avoiding/preventing dangerous situations without making them paranoid in the process?  I don’t have the answer.



Active Shooter Preparations Lagging, Study Finds [INFOGRAPHIC]


I tell police officers that their agency will never provide enough training to keep them alive.  It seems that people in other jobs have similar issues.  Your employer is not prepared for an active killer.  You are responsible for your own safety.



Bloody Important – Cheetos and Duct Tape


Kerry Davis covers some techniques to control life threatening bleeding.



Defensive education is changing, for the better. Take advantage of it!


There is no better time to seek defensive training.  The market is full of experienced trainers from all walks of life.  Choose an instructor who will help you achieve your individual goals, not just one who looks cool on YouTube.  Check out Training Thoughts for a similar take on the issue.



“You’ll Shoot Your Junk Off”, The Anatomy Of An AIWB ND

Watch John try to create a negligent discharge using a UTM training gun and a cutaway holster.  Proper drawing and reholstering technique will ensure that you won’t “shoot your junk off.”



Self Defense Insurance Comparison


I often get questions about the various self defense insurance programs available.  I’ll be honest.  I know very little about any of them.  This article looks like a good resource to see what’s available and which company best suits your individual needs.  Before you buy an insurance policy, make sure you perform some Preemptive Legal Damage Control.



Yesterday’s Training is already Gone


“The guy who approaches you in the parking lot with a pistol doesn’t care what you could do, way back when. He doesn’t care what you were, way back when. He doesn’t even care what you can do now. He cares about making you his victim and you’re probably not his first. Are you ready for this or do you just think you’re ready?”



America the Illiterate


“A third of high school graduates, along with 42 percent of college graduates, never read a book after they finish school. Eighty percent of the families in the United States last year did not buy a book.”

I really think our society is in trouble.



Heavy Metals and Heart Attacks


You gun people might have much higher than normal levels of lead in your blood.  Did you know that puts you at risk for a heart attack.  Chelation therapy is usually medically indicated at a blood lead level of 35-45 micrograms per deciliter.  It may be useful at lower levels according to this article.  If you do a lot of shooting, get your lead levels tested!



Infection Risk From Conducted Electrical Weapon Probes: What Do We Know?


For you Taser instructors out there, have you ever been asked about infection risk from the probes?  This study says it isn’t a concern.



Skills Check: Gunsite 499 Drill


An advanced shooting drill for those of you who have access to a 50 yard range.



Fuck Your Feelings, You Old Goat.


“You can preach all you want, to your kids about “respect your elders!” but if those elders don’t earn that respect, they’re not going to get it. If you’re that elder, and you’re trying to pass on life lessons to the youth of your community/clan/tribe/church congregation/militia unit/what-the-fuck-ever, you’d damned sure better be able to walk the walk, rather than spinning a skein of bullshit yarns, or nobody is going to take you serious.”



What Is An Acceptable Level of Combat Accuracy (And Do You Measure Up)?


While I know quite a few gunfight winners who can’t shoot a four inch pistol group at 25 yards, this is probably a reasonable standard to aspire to achieve.  You should also check out How to Shoot Targets at 200 Yards with your Handgun.



TDI 2017 schedule


The Tactical Defense Institute just released its 2017 schedule.  I will be instructing or co-instructing four classes down there next year.  Get your registrations in early!  Most of the popular classes will be booked up before January 1.


Charlotte Rioters Attack Innocent Man


If you are into firearms and tactics, you are probably following the riots in Charlotte.  Last night, rioters attacked an unarmed and innocent bystander.  Watch the video and pay attention to Chris’ suggestions in this article.



Analysis: Is it lawful self-defense to “run down” rioters surrounding your vehicle?


One more post about the riots.  Attorney Andrew Branca takes a look at when it is legal to strike protesters with your vehicle.  Read the article and then purchase his book if you have any more legal questions.






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