Bangladesh Terrorist Attack

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz

Picture courtesy of link below

Picture courtesy of link below


Read these two news articles:

Bangladeshi police prepare to storm restaurant where Islamist terrorists are holding 20 hostages


My cop friends really need to pay attention to the international news. Take a look at this attack.  Nine Islamist militants attacked an upscale restaurant/bakery with pistols, swords, and bombs. They killed four people and wounded 40 more. They then took 20 people hostage.


This is nothing more than an expanded (and less effective) version of the Orlando club attack.


These terrorists are not expecting to negotiate their way to freedom. Read the article. There is absolutely ZERO mention of the terrorists’ demands.   As stated by the CNN piece:

“Police are trying to find out the demands of the gunmen holding customers, an officer said. The gunmen have not made any demands.”


The hostage takers  have made no demands in the eight hour siege.  That’s a clue. They aren’t negotiating.


They took hostages to buy time. Time to fortify for the inevitable rescue attempt and time to get their cause more airtime on the local and international media.


The police are screwing it up.  Look at this statement:


“We are trying to resolve this issue peacefully,” police official Gen. Benzir Ahmed told reporters.

These terrorists are martyrs. They all expect to die. The more time you spend “negotiating” with these people, the more hostages will die.


This is NOT a regular hostage situation. Cops better learn the difference really quickly or we’ll end up with a bunch more massacres like we had in Orlando.










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