The Six Best Resources for Surviving a Terrorist Attack

Written by Greg Ellifritz

Topics: News and Tactical Advice

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Written by: Greg Ellifritz



Since the multi-pronged terrorist attack on Paris last Friday, lots of experts have written articles about how to survive such an event.  Some are great.  Others are worthless.


I’ve been reading everything I can find about the attacks.  I’m planning a thorough article debriefing the entire event for next week.  Until then, here are the best articles I’ve found on the topic (in no particular order).  All are worth a read.


Perspectives: Wishful Thinking & Playing Dead is not a Plan


The question is: “What can the average person do to prevent or respond to a terrorist attack like the one in France?” Breach Bang Clear interviews several tactical experts to get the answers in this three-part series. I was honored to be included in the list with such legendary trainers as Kyle Lamb, Steve Tarani, and Mike Pannone. This is part one of the series. My answers appear in the next installment.  Foe even more opinions, check out Part Three.



Think like a Veteran: Surviving a Violent Attack


Two experts give specific guidance for surviving active killer attacks across a wide range of different locations.



Paris, France Attacks


A short article with some very basic advice to share with your friends who may not be as in to the “tactical” stuff as you are.



Ten Ways To Avoid Being Killed During A Terrorist Attack


A clickbait style “list-icle” title, but good information written by a veteran police officer and SWAT magazine writer in the article that follows.



Thoughts on Paris


“On the personal, local level, this is another example of why you should carry a gun. No, we don’t expect every permit holder to be a Navy SEAL, just a speed bump. The best way to stop a mass shooter is an immediate violent response. At best, you drop them before they can hurt too many people. At worst, congratulations you were a distraction, but even distractions can save lives or derail plans.”



‘Run-Hide-Fight’: Former Navy SEAL Reveals How You Can Survive a Terrorist Attack


Good information from a former Navy Seal.  I don’t like his advice on fleeing.  Zig-zagging is generally NOT the best way to escape.  His advice on defense against hand grenade threats is extremely useful and rarely discussed outside the military.



Take the time to read all of these articles.  You may pick up a bit of information that will someday save your life.  If any of you have found other useful articles about surviving terrorist attacks, feel free to share them in the comments section below.





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