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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Rifle Sling: One, Two Or Three Point?

FireShot Screen Capture #017 - 'Rifle Sling_ One, Two Or Three Point_American Handgunner_' - americanhandgunner_com_rifle-sling-one-two-or-three-point

Here is a quick video of the relative advantages and disadvantages of the different types of rifle slings available.  One of my favorite slings is the Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat sling.  If you like that one, here is an infographic that shows all the required mounting hardware to make it work on any weapon you are carrying.



Favorite Moves Pt. 1 – Modified Pendulum Sweep


Cecil shares a simple and effective sweep from the guard position. This is a useful move to know. Spend some time practicing it!



The other kinds of laziness


One of the greatest business minds in the world speaking about laziness.  If you enjoy Seth’s blog posts, you’ll probably like his books as well.  I’ve found every one of his books to be tremendously insightful.



Shooting With Gas Masks


Have you ever tried to shoot a long gun while wearing a gas mask?  It isn’t easy.  As the author states, having a red dot sight with a large window is a tremendous aid in getting on target.  If you don’t have one of those, the author’s suggestion of canting the rifle may work, but he is using a mask with a center mounted filter.  Many of the newer models have filters that are on one side or the other.  If you have one of those masks, make sure your filter is set up on the opposite side from your shooting shoulder.  That might allow a more normal shooting position.  If you still can’t get behind your sights, move the rifle to the center of your chest and sight along the top of the barrel.  It will work for short distance shooting (inside 30 feet or so).  The other option is to transition to your handgun when you have to don the mask.



Stop Blinding Yourself


The concept of “bouncing light” and “indirect lighting” are critically important when using a flashlight inside a structure.  Today’s brighter lights combined with the white walls and mirrors found in most houses can cause unintentional blindness for a person who doesn’t know how to properly use his flashlight.  If you think you can shoot with a flashlight just because you took a pistol class that let you fire a few rounds at a stationary target while using your flashlight in the dark, you are seriously mistaken.  Find a class that teaches EFFECTIVE use of the flashlight, not just various shooting positions that involve holding a light and a pistol at the same time.



NSSF: How to Zero in 2 Shots


Here is a handy technique to remember for quick zeroing.  It’s especially useful if you have to quickly zero a whole bunch of rifles.  Speaking of zeroing rifles, check out Visualizing Zeros at Recoil Magazine.  It quickly shows the difference in point of aim/point of impact at various distances with different barrel lengths and different zeroes.  This article perfectly illustrates why I like the 50 meter zero for most AR-15 rifles.  No funky holdovers are needed between zero and 300 meters when aiming at a center mass target.

Another great article with even more information on zeroing rifles (suggested by Agile Training‘s Chuck Haggard) is BATTLE SIGHT ZERO (BZO): Who has it right?



Investigative Report: Do Antibiotic Expiration Dates Matter?


I cover the issue of drug expiration dates in my System Collapse Medical class.  Here is a pretty good summary of the research.  The bottom line is that if stored properly, most prescription and OTC medicines will last far longer than their expiration date suggests.  Most pills retain full potency for between two and six years AFTER their expiration dates.

No currently produced drugs sold in the United States will degrade into a harmful substance.  At worst, you will get a less potent version of the same drug.  Average rates of potency degradation are only 10%-20% per DECADE if the drugs are stored in cool and dry conditions.  This advice does not apply to liquid medicines or medicines that are “extended release” or “controlled release.”  It’s safest to only use those meds within their factory expiration dates.



The Sphincter Series: Emergent Cricothyrotomy


Since we are talking about medical issues, here is a very thorough article about emergency airways for the more advanced medical practitioner.



Carrying Appendix While Seat Belted 2015 Edition

FireShot Screen Capture #018 - 'Carrying Appendix While Seat Belted 2015 _' - shortbarrelshepherd_com_carrying-appendix-while-seat-belted-2015-edition

Some important considerations for carrying a pistol while driving.



A Brief History of the Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver


A very cool history lesson about the development of the .357 magnum cartridge.



3 Biggest AR-15 Shooting Mistakes I Saw At The Underground AR-15 Training Day


Pay attention to the most common issues that novice shooters have when participating in their first rifle class.  Most of you have probably never been to a commercial rifle shooting class.  Chances are you have the exact same problems.



The Great One – Inside The Mind Of Professional Shooter Rob Leatham
FireShot Screen Capture #019 - 'The American Warrior Show' - americanwarriorshow_libsyn_com

A fantastic interview with legendary shooter Rob Leatham.  I’ve trained with Rob a couple times.  He’s an amazing shooter and one of the greatest minds in the industry.



The Hierarchy of Combative Firearms Training: Ascend the pyramid to achieve proficiency


More brilliant advice from Dave Spaulding about combative handgun training.



The Vanishing Police Baton/Stick Use in the USA.


Hock talks about the decreasing use of the police baton.  He’s right, but like him, I agree that it is a useful tool and cops aren’t getting enough training on how to wield it effectively.  Just last month, I used my baton.  We had a male domestic violence suspect (he beat up his father) holed up in a bedroom with a knife yelling that he was going to fight any police who tried to arrest him.  We had to go in and take him to jail.  No SWAT team, no Tasers, just a couple of patrol officers doing regular police work.  It happens every day, all across the country.  I designated one officer with gun out as lethal force cover.  I went in first with baton in hand.  The plan was that if the suspect charged with the knife, I would make one attempt to either knock him out or knock the knife out of his hand with the baton.  If that failed, I would hit the floor and give the second officer a clear shot.


It turned out no violence was necessary.  As soon as the suspect saw me enter his room with the stick at the ready, he immediately complied.  So much for all cops wanting to use excessive force.  The stick certainly has a role in modern day policing, even if that role is diminishing.



The Woods are Lovely, Dark, and Deep


…And a little more for my police readers.  This article is a good introduction to rural patrol considerations.  You cops should also take a look at CHP trainer Lou Chiodo’s blog article on traffic stop safety.



Three Pauls and a Bloody Pig


Tiffany writes up a great AAR of the recent Paul-E-Palooza Memorial Training Conference.  Check out her pictures too.


Go Train, Manassas: “Unthinkable”. Tactics and Concepts for the Gravest Extreme.


Recoil magazine says you should attend my upcoming course? Who am I to disagree?  Free scooter rides with every registration!



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