Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 11, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Building a Bolt Bag: Being Prepared to Go At Any Moment


Do you have a “bolt bag?”  This article from ITS Tactical explains the concept and why you may need one.  While you are visiting the ITS website, check out their article titled 10 Lessons I Learned from the Homeless.



NYPD Hostage Negotiators On How To Persuade People: 4 New Secrets


Good communications tips even if your job isn’t talking people off the ledge.



Precision Rifle Barrels – What The Pros Use


Ever wonder what brand of rifle barrels the top shooters in the world use?



Massad Ayoob: 6 Must-Know Court Cases For Gun Owners


Update your legal knowledge by reading this article from Mas Ayoob.  Then go read his book.



Shoot Like a Fed II: The FBI Qualification 1997-2013


Test your shooting skills on the previous generation FBI qualification course.  This qual is a little easier than the one I’ve posted about before.  It requires FBI Q targets.



The Confrontational Aggression Trajectory

FireShot Screen Capture #082 - 'The Single Dude’s Guide to Survival, Volume 10 - The Single Dude's Guide to Life & Travel™' - www_singledudetravel_com

Pre-assault indicators you should recognize.



Good Chart of Rules for the Use of Burner Phones


Do you know the proper ways to use a burner phone?  This chart shows that your enemies do.



Everyday Carry: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

The Zebra pens described in this article are the ones I carry at work every day.  They aren’t quite as sturdy as legit “tactical” pens, but their penetration into soft tissue is just as good.  Low key options are nice to have.



Look at me! I’m a tough guy!


Folks, save the “tactical clothes” for the shooting range.  Don’t wear that shit in public.  As Ralph says: “But there’s no reason to dress like a tough guy.  Some one may decide to see if you really are.”


The five best guns for self-defense


I can’t argue with Caleb’s advice here.  His recommendations are very similar to mine.  You would be way ahead of the game if you paid attention.



Self-Defense Realities: Justified vs. Excessive Force

A very good article written by an attorney discussing the difference between “reasonable” and “excessive” force.



8 AMAZING times a Good Guy fought back against an Armed Robber and WON!


Inspiring videos of unarmed citizens successfully fighting back against armed robbers.  Resistance isn’t futile!



The embracement of softcore

LRB cover

Paul drops some hardcore diet science and knowledge in this article.



Photos: war-ready Ukrainians pose with their household guns


Citizens in Ukraine are only legally allowed to own “hunting weapons” unless they are police or military.  This is an interesting series of photos of the Ukrainian people and the weapons they are using to defend themselves as their society collapses around them.



53 Survival Hacks That Could Save Your Life


Quite a few cool survival ideas here.



Lever Action Rifles for Self Defense


Have you ever considered a lever action rifle for home defense?  Don’t automatically dismiss the idea.  The author provides some good justification for the old lever guns in this piece.


The Paris Drill


A shooting drill inspired by last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris.  Three head shots (on three separate targets) at 25 yards in five seconds.  Could you do it?




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