Weekend Knowledge Dump- February 7, 2014

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Here are a few links to articles and videos I found interesting this week. Some are intellectual. Some are informative. Some are just fun. If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.



G2 RIP 9mm: no more effective than a .22 LR

Here is the first independent test of the new G2 Rip ammo.  I’ve received lots of inquiries about this round.  It isn’t very good.  A better choice would be to go with Dr. Roberts’ recommendations listed HERE.  Don’t obsess over carry ammo.  There is no magic bullet.  My standard advice still applies…choose a Speer Gold Dot, Federal HST, or Winchester ranger round that shoots accurately in your gun and you will be fine.

CTT-Solutions Plate Rack Standards

If you have a plate rack, this is a fun drill to play with….




When Does a .380 Beat a 9mm?


An excellent article from Grant Cunningham about the .380 auto cartridge.




An Affordable One-Year Emergency Food Supply



Do you have any food stored for emergencies?  You don’t have to buy high-dollar long term storage foods.  Here’s an article about how you can feed one person for a year (or four people for three months) on just $800.



Headrest to Break Car Window

The video is a little cheesy and this is certainly not the easiest way to break a window, but it is a useful technique to have in your arsenal.  I’d rather see you spend $7 and have two seatbelt cutter/window breaking hammers.



How We Judge Others is How We Judge Ourselves


Mark Manson shares an extraordinarily powerful idea…



Trapped by tl;dr


 “Judging by length is foolish. TL;DR shows self-contempt, because you’re ignoring the useful in exchange for the short or the amusing. The media has responded to our demand by giving us a rising tide of ever shorter, ever more amusing wastes of time. Short lowers the bar, but it also makes it hard to deliver much.

Please, give me something long (but make it worth my time.)”


I struggle with this one a lot.  I don’t like the “soundbite” style of writing or interacting.  I enjoy going deeper.  If you read a book about blogging or writing for the web, you’ll see that every author recommends that blog posts be very short (200-400 words) so that you’ll hold your reader’s attention better.  Screw that.


My posts last year averaged almost 700 words each.  I’m hoping that my readers appreciate the solid analysis I provide.  Some topics shouldn’t be reduced to “tweets.”



Interview with Custom Knifemaker Ian Wendt

viking warrior 7b


An outstanding interview with Ian Wendt.  Ian makes some truly evil blades and drops a lot of knowledge here.  You would be smart to pay attention.  I’m honored to be mentioned as one of his recommended trainers.

largeA unique online presence is a threat to a bureaucracy, but is absolutely essential for the entrepreneur. Which idea will win out? If individuals are using tools like Facebook to build trust in the online community where they do business, why would the bureaucracy consider that a threat? Perhaps it’s because the bureaucracy does not merit the trust that it currently garners and sees trust and loyalty as a one way street or zero sum game.I think that in the future, the individual online trust developed within what Seth Godin calls “your tribe.” will yield better economic opportunities than remaining loyal to a dying corporate culture.



Tactical Considerations for Solo Operators


A good primer on battlefield stealth and concealment.  The author’s book Contact is a great reference.

Excellent high speed video showing exactly what recoil reduction you can expect for most of the commercially available AR-15 muzzle brakes.  The videos show a clear reduction in muzzle rise with most brakes, but I don’t think the faster followup shots are worth the tremendous increase in blast and noise that you will get when using a brake.

Glock G42 Stripped / New Internals


Take a look at the guts of the new Glock 42.  You Glock armorers are going to see some new parts!





Winchester has a recall on some of its .22 ammo that may have double powder charges.  Check your lot numbers!

KR Training Newsletter


Karl Rehn recently moved his informative email newsletter onto the net.  Check out this monthly resource.  He links to some great articles and provides excellent training.



An excellent overview on flashlights for self defense.  I agree with the author.  Keep it simple.  I want a momentary switch and on/off.  That’s it.  Any other settings should be controlled by an alternate switch (or other method).  Under stress, on/off is what you need.




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  1. John says:

    The link about a 1 year supply of food doesn’t appear to be working. Thanks for the notice on the Winchester .22 ammo.

  2. Greg Ellifritz says:

    Link fixed! Thank you!

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for linking our flashlight post, Greg! Glad you liked it.

  4. Navy87Guy says:

    The testing of the RIP round was interesting. I actually enjoyed the second video more than the first. Not surprisingly, a round with that much “hype” turned out to be just that — hype. I just hope the “anti” crowd doesn’t seize on their promotion as another way to attack gun rights.

    And I think posting the interview with Ian Wendt was just cruel…all those excellent knives, and nothing for sale!!

  5. Eric says:

    The seat rest video was interesting. I like how the young lady was wearing heavy gloves…but no eye protection. 🙂