Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 1, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.




One of the biggest problems I have with my students is training them in the VERBAL aspects of self protection.  This article provides phenomenal information from my friend Larry Lindenman on the topic.  Pay special attention to the difference between “alpha” and “beta” commands.  When you have finished this piece, read Part Two and Part Three as well.



In Defense of the Trunk Gun


Have you ever considered carrying a “trunk gun?”  Here are some of the reasons why you might want one.  And HERE is the counterpoint, written by Ralph Mroz.  Short Barrel Shepherd weighs in as well with his piece called Guns in the Car: Don’t Go Back. 

You may also want to consider your “duty to retreat” in such a situation.



Seminar Clip – Defending the Knife on the Ground

Ground fighting is tough.  It’s even tougher when your opponent has a knife.  Here are a couple of great survival tips from Cecil Burch.



Rifle Suppressor & Muzzle Brake – What The Pros Use


Take a look at the suppressor and muzzle brake options in use by professional shooters.



Trick of the Trade: Isopropyl Alcohol Vapor Inhalation for Nausea and Vomiting


Nausea and vomiting are medical conditions I see more often than anything else in my third world travels.  My go-to treatment has always been Ondansetron.  This may be a quicker option than anti-nausea meds and doesn’t require any prescription.  Who knew about this alternate use for the simple alcohol prep pad?  A very neat trick for those interested in austere medical issues.



It’s the Age of the Active Shooter and We Can’t Talk About It


Some of the challenges involved in creating an effective response strategy for active killer events.



Developing a Training Plan, Part Two


Solid advice about structuring your practice plan from the Mountain Guerrilla.

“The single most important shot you can fire in a gunfight is the first shot you fire. It’s going to determine the course of the rest of the fight. You can either make it hit, on time, or you’re going to spend the rest of your life trying to catch up and fix your mistakes…

Spending a significant portion of your training cycle doing nothing but working snap shooting and first shot breaks from the concealed carry drawstroke will go a very, very long way towards ensuring that your first shot does what you need it to do.”


His advice about target selection being unimportant is right on as well.  The target I use most often?  An 8.5 x 11″ blank piece of copy paper.  It closely duplicates the “vital zone” in the chest of an adult male target.  If I want to get a little more precise, I fold the paper in half.  If I need a head shot box, I fold the paper twice (making it quarter size).



Shooting in Self-Defense


Good advice about how to handle the police interaction after a defensive shooting.



A Beginner’s Guide To Carrying A Handgun


A nice review of holster and carry options for anyone new to the game.



Survival Skills for Kids


We all know that your kid is a whiz on his iPhone, but can he do any of these things?



Gunfighter Moment – Ken Hackathorn


“Good training and a supply of ammo to stay proficient is not cheap. Don’t kid yourself and think that just because you ‘qualified expert in the military’ or outshot your buddies 10 years ago at a beer can shooting match means anything today. Combat marksmanship is a perishable skill. Okay, if you are going to exercise your CCW rights, make a plan now to become skilled, and get started.”



Rangemaster Newsletter

FireShot Screen Capture #093 - '2016-01_RFTS-Newsletter (1)_pub - 2016-01_RFTS-Newsletter_pdf' - www_rangemaster_com_wp-content_uploads_2015_12_2016-0

Check out Tom Givens’ always excellent monthly newsletter. Pay special attention to the first article. Follow Tom’s simple advice and you won’t have to spend hours scouring the interwebz to get set up with some decent defensive gear and skills.



Selling Fear.


Read this article and heed the advice given by Dave Merrill.  Stop being manipulated.  This is the reason I got rid of my television almost four years ago.  You don’t need the negativity in your life.



Every day, no days off


Paul Sharp and William Aprill talk about the EDNDO lifestyle you should be following.



“The Professionals”


Yes, my home stippled Glock 19 looks like it was chewed on by a cat. Proud to be the owner of the ugliest gun in Recoil Magazine.









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