Weekend Knowledge Dump- May 8, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Links to some of the best tactical information on the web.  If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.



Carrying a Handgun – Separate Facts From Fallacies


Some words of wisdom from the legendary Pat Rogers.



The brutal consequences of a street fight


Wim Demeere’s breakdown of a videotaped street fight and the consequences you may not be considering if you choose to involve yourself in such nonsense.



Concealed Carry in the Era of Terror: Part One


Part one of my friend John Murphy‘s excellent advice about CCW as it relates to stopping a terrorist attack.  Part two is worth your attention as well.



Knee Dislocation: Pearls and Pitfalls


A lot of information about treating knee dislocations for anyone interested in austere medical skills.



Social conditioning and the unexpected attacker


“If it walks like a thug and talks like a thug, it’s probably a thug. Even if it’s in a skirt.”



On Urban Snipers And Their Reach In Modern Conflicts

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Interesting piece on urban snipers and the psychological influence they can have on the battlefield in 4th Generation Warfare.  If you want more information on this topic, check out the book Fry the Brain by John West.



Why We Travel to Difficult Places


My long time friend Dr. Rand Blimes recently started a travel blog to document his family’s upcoming year-long adventures in Asia.  Rand is an engaging writer and if you like travel, you’ll enjoy his stories.  This article is one of his best pieces of work.



How to Reload a Revolver


A very good video showing the proper ways to reload a revolver using speedloaders.  This is becoming a dying art!



Understanding Uphill and Downhill Shots in Long Range Shooting: A Primer

Graph 1

An article found by Practical Eschatology showing how point of impact is effected by elevation when shooting.



Journalist Ross Kemp’s Amazing Confrontation With Gunmen In Papua New Guinea

I regularly discuss the need for having “people skills” in the self protection context.  “People skills” are often far more useful than “gun skills.”  Watch this reporter as he is confronted at gunpoint by numerous rebels in Papua New Guinea,  He stays calm, maintains his dominance without being too aggressive and defuses the situation.  Would you have done as well?  These are the skills we all need to cultivate.



Trigger Pull with Pistols


More information than you would ever want to know about the physical action of operating a pistol’s trigger.



Revolver Vs. Auto: Which Model Fits Your Concealed Carry Needs?

Mas Ayoob explains a few of the differences between revolvers and autopistols that you may not have considered.

10 Lessons Learned from the Worst Gun I Ever Owned


Melody shares her first-time gun buying experience.  She learned that the gun she chose didn’t suit her needs.  Melody was smart and got rid of her poorly chosen weapon and bought one that works better for her.  Unfortunately, I see many shooters unwilling to take the shot to their ego and admit they were wrong.  I can’t tell you how many folks I’ve seen who are carrying guns that don’t function well and who stubbornly insist that their weapon is the “best gun in the world.”



A War Well Lost


This is probably the single most informative piece I’ve ever seen about the history of the drug war and the realities of drug addiction.  It’s very long, but it is worth your study.  I would postulate that if you don’t understand the facts within the article, you are completely incapable of making a rational decision about our national drug policy.  If you only read one article today, make it this one.


The article mentions how the “war on drugs” began as a policy of racism and briefly talks about how our first “drug warrior” personally targeted singer Billie Holiday.  How Billie Holiday Was Hunted Down In The Early Days Of The War On Drugs is another article from the same author that describes in detail the racist persecution that she suffered, ultimately leading to her early death.



How to improve your fiber optic sights for FREE, thanks to Strike Industries


Who knew?  You can make your fiber optic sights brighter by recontouring the light pipe.  Science for the win!




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  1. .weston.pecos. says:

    That looks like a Japanese Arisaka at 4:28 and 4:36 in the video about rebels in PNG. I can’t tell if it’s a 6.5 or 7.7 mm. The stock was sporterized at some point. They shoot pretty flat out to 300 yards, not that there are many 300-yard open shootways in the jungles of PNG. Triggers are like dragging a railroad spike over a concrete pavement.