Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 30, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


Video from Rangemaster Conference 2016


Cecil Burch shares a few video clips from his class at Rangemaster earlier this year.  If you are interested in some quality tips about fighting from the clinch, you’ll want to check these out.



You just don’t know, so behave accordingly


John shares a strange situation he observed.  He wisely chose not to get involved.  Keep chanting the mantra pictured above until you can walk away from something like this without a second thought.



17 Rules All Great Men of Genius And Power Must Follow


Rule #7 is especially useful for those of you considering teaching in the firearms and self defense field:


Haha, that’s for amateurs. 10,000 hours is only eight hours a day for three years. Easy!

Mastery comes at about 10 years of work.

All it takes is ten years. All it took me was 10 years. 

Hard work had nothing to do with it. Nothing is hard about what I do. I just work more and I don’t quit.

They say that success is a marathon and not a sprint. And it’s correct.

If you want success tomorrow, well, you’re shit out of luck. Because even working hard is not going to give you success that working consistently will give you.

Consistent work is what pays off. It takes consistency. It does not happen overnight. It does not happen fast like that.

You know how much I made the first year? I made zero the entire year. You know how much I made the second year? $15,000 U.S.

It does not happen overnight. And hard work again ‑‑ hard work has nothing to do with it.

Consistent work beats out hard work. Every single time.



CQB: Those Who Would Get You Killed


Max shares his thoughts and a paper about infantry squad tactics.  He is absolutely correct.  The recommendation from the report that he mentions is important for lone individuals searching a building, SWAT teams, and military raids.  Pay attention:

“Pieing off all danger areas. Even before entry into a room as many danger areas as possible should be pied off leaving only one or two corners that need to be cleared.  Don’t blindly rush into a room, especially if the door is opened.”

The author’s book “Contact” covers a lot of these principles and would be a useful addition to your library.



Women being targeted by ride share fakes


Very good advice from the Columbus Police Department about Uber/Lyft safety practices.  For some more in depth advice, check out my article on taxi safety.



How We Walk Can Increase Risk of Being Mugged


Reviewing some older (but still perfectly valid) research about how criminals choose victims with gait abnormality.



Americans’ Fear of Foreign Terrorists Is Overinflated


A rational analysis of the issue of terrorism vs. immigration.

“Think of it this way: from 1975 to 2015, more than 1.13 billion foreigners entered the U.S. legally and illegally. So, more than 28 million foreigners entered the country for each successful terrorist who actually managed to kill somebody in a domestic terrorist attack. Punishing 28 million innocent people—not to mention the countless Americans who want to marry the foreigners, hire them, or sell them products—is a gross overreaction to this danger.”



Syrian Lessons on Tank Warfare


Ever wonder how you might take out a tank?  This article shows some examples of how it may be done.  For additional ideas, check out “David’s Tool Kit.”



Stings and bites: Preventing marine injuries


Basic prevention and treatment of marine injuries.  If you spend any time in the ocean, you’ll want to read this article.

One more article for my traveling friends.  Malarone is a commonly prescribed anti-malarial drug.  It is a once daily pill, but it may also be effective at a dosage of twice a week.





“One who is fit should look fit. Unless you really don’t give a crap about how you look, smell, or dress, most of us want to look like we are fit…or at least trying to be fit. I do not spend the hours I do sprinting up hills and in the weight pile to be mistaken for Jabba the Hutt.

And all grey man nonsense aside, the thugs will look at you and think, “that guy right there….he looks like he can kick my ass…I will leave him alone”. Then they will go find a weak looking fat guy. The life of the fit guy is easier. People immediately evaluate you based on your appearance. If you look fit, you will demand a physical respect that the frail will never be given.”



The Intellectual Yet Idiot


It really is all about deadlifting…



Why I dislike gimmick weapons


Ralph has a good point here:

““That’s all well and good for someone with martial arts training, but I don’t have any”, usually followed by some variant of “Besides, I’m not in great shape.”  Well kid, get your lazy ass off the couch, get in shape and learn some skills; you got no sympathy from me. I know it’s more fun to feel like a man by shooing guns, but if you’re deficient in these other areas, going to the range instead of going to the gym or dojo is just being irresponsible,  lazy, and self-indulgent.

You know: hard work and sweat.  They’re still virtues.”



No Mercy for MRSA. How to Treat One of the Most Common Superbugs



MRSA skin infections are extremely common in the criminals I arrest. Poor hygiene, shared living conditions, and re-using needles contribute to the problem. In the event of some type of short or longer term medical system collapse, MRSA is something you may have to deal with.

This article is about how to identify and treat MRSA infections when you don’t have access to medical care. The oral antibiotic the author recommends (Bactrim or Septra) is a good one to keep on hand. Not only is it one of the only oral antibiotics that will work on MRSA, is is also a first or second-line treatment for mastitis, diabetic ulcers, severe diarrhea, diverticulitis, bladder infections, UTIs, bronchitis, and wound infections. The doctor doesn’t cover proper dosage in the article. It’s one double strength (DS) tablet, twice a day, for five-ten days.

The author’s book is a good reference for your library.



Technique: The Revival of the Outdated Speed Rock on Social Media


I might be dating myself by revealing the fact that I was actually trained to do the “speed rock” by Chuck Taylor, the originator of the technique.  It works great against cardboard targets.  It fails spectacularly against an opponent who is skilled or merely exceptionally violent.  Read Mark’s top-notch analysis on the topic.  Just say no to the speed rock.



Wake The Fuck Up, Already!!!


He’s right, you know…

“Whether you carry a gun or not, if you consider yourself a “prepper” of any sort, because you are concerned about the state of affairs in the nation/world today, but you don’t have first-aid/trauma training in a course that specifically deals with GSW and burn/blast/shrapnel injuries, you’re even more wrong.”



Guard Overwhelmed by Armed Robbers


Some painful lessons learned here.  How many of you would have tried to make the draw if you were in the guard’s position?  It wouldn’t likely go well for you.  Yet another “isolated incident” where an open carrier was robbed of his firearm.  I thought those openly carried pistols were supposed to deter crime?



Choosing a defensive handgun: making the best of bad alternatives


Grant Cunningham talks about weapon selection criteria for folks that live in states with certain handgun restrictions.  I often hear some version of “If I can only carry a gun with 10 rounds, I want the biggest 10 rounds I can get.”  That may not be the best advice.



THIS IS WAR! (And like it or not, you’re a combatant)


“Instead of a trench line in a field, a firebase in the desert, or a foxhole in the jungle, the attacks come at the mall, on a city street, an office party, or a crowded festival. And as far as the Jihadists are concerned, you are an enemy combatant.

Is that the way you see yourself?”



Pulse Nightclub Hostage Negotiation Transcripts


The police recently released the transcripts of the phone calls that the Pulse night club shooter had with the police.  This leaves no doubt that the massacre had nothing to do with the fact that the victims were mostly gay.  From the first few sentences, the shooter identified himself as an Islamic terrorist.  Some allege that the shooter chose the location of the event because he was “homophobic.”  There is no mention of gay issues in any of the phone calls.

The link posted above opens to a PDF file.

Although (like this lunatic) many terrorists state that they commit attacks to end America’s imperialistic wars, that’s really not the prime motivation.  The prime motivation (as stated from the terrorists themselves) is because the west does not embrace Islamic culture and Sharia law.







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