Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 9, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


29 Lessons From The Greatest Strategic Minds Who Ever Lived, Fought, Or Led


“…strategic wisdom is not something you’re born with. It is developed, both with experience and with education. I’m not saying you have to study the battles of Napoleon to get it, but there are plenty of small and actionable lessons from warfare, the corporate jungle and the wise minds of history that will improve your strategy—both in business and in life. Below are a collection of insights from some of the greatest strategic minds who ever lived, fought or lead.”

Another of my favorite articles from Ryan Holiday: “How to Repay your Mentors.”



High Ready or Not, Here I Come!


Taking a look at some of the strengths and weaknesses of the high ready position with a rifle.



15 Kinds of Verbal Abuse


Not every attack consists of physical violence.  Learn about the way people may verbally abuse you as well.  H/T to Hock Hochheim for the link.  You’ll also want to check out Hock’s article “The Myth of the First Event.



Taurus Executives Charged with Knowingly Selling Arms to Yemeni Arms Traffickers


As if you needed another reason to avoid buying a Taurus….

And their prime competitor may not be selling guns to terrorists, but they have recalled four years’ worth of budget revolver production.

A used Smith and Wesson or Ruger is a much better choice than either the Taurus or Charter Arms revolver.



Child-abduction study finds capable kids are their own best defense

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“The children most at risk of attempted abduction by strangers are girls ages 10 to 14, many on their way to or from school, and they escape harm mostly through their own fast thinking or fierce resistance, according to a new national analysis”

For another interesting piece of research, check out: Certain Self-Defense Actions Can Decrease Risk.

The conclusion?

“Taken together, we believe that rape victims’ self-protection actions significantly reduce the probability of rape completion and do not significantly increase the risk of serious injury.”



Specialist Carry :: War Journalist


Robert Young Pelton is a hero of mine.  He’s an author and war journalist who has traveled to most of the world’s third world shitholes to report the news.  This article describes Pelton’s everyday carry gear when traveling in the developing world.  You will also want to check out his books and his handy low profile carry knife.  I have one of those and it is as indestructible as a tank.



Yes, Professional Runners Are Weak


Extremely high levels of athletic performance and being healthy may not be entirely compatible.



The Deadly AIWB Holster Trick

Although Todd intended this video to be a bit of comic relief, he actually shows good techniques for holstering your AIWB pistol much more safely.  Speed re-holstering is one of the surest ways I know to give yourself an extra orifice.



Officer Shot After Pepper Spray Fails to Subdue Suspect


Some people think pepper spray works every time.  Here is a tragic example of why that isn’t true.



Handgun Stopping Power: Sizing Up Your Options


Ballistic gelatin testing of a wide variety of handgun rounds, including some tests of the relatively uncommon .32 NAA, .32 magnum, and .327 Magnum cartridges.



Drive-Thru Followup:


John Farnam offers some quality tips for staying safe while using a drive-thru.



Rangemaster September Newsletter

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Check out Rangemaster’s always useful monthly newsletter.



Hacking the US with only a Sound


Some frightening ideas here:

“All it takes is a single audio clip.  Like this or this either near a public space or done remotely on a timed playback device is all it would take to ignite the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that leads to a large scale evacuation.  In fact, people are so reactive now, I suspect it wouldn’t even take a sound that is explicit, only something that sounds similar.

Think about this for a moment.  The ability to shut down a public space for hours:

  • anytime (just walk in and play the sounds),
  • remotely (low cost playback device on timer/remote activation), or
  • on a large scale (thousands of people playing the sounds on their smart phones in public spaces simultaneously)

is a substantial capability.  

How so? Take this fall’s election for example.   

It is a far easier to close a voting location with a sound than hack a voting machine.”



The Doomsday Book of Medicine


I just finished reading this encyclopedic tome.  It’s 910 pages of top quality medical information that mixes modern medical practices with traditional native healing methodology and herbal medicine.  In essence, it is a book that describes how to handle most injuries/ailments with modern-day medical technology as well as with time-proven traditional alternatives in the event your medicine supply runs out.  The book would be a great reference text to keep around for the zombie apocalypse.



Just The Tip: Hotel Room Security


Some very slick hotel room security hacks.



Backcountry Bear Defense: A Practice Drill to Drop a Charging Grizzly


I’ve written about a lot of shooting drills over the years, but this one is a first…training to stop a charging bear!  if you are headed to bear country, grab your magnum revolver and give this one a try.



Conflict Avoidance: Practicing What I Preach


Rob made a good call here.  Read through the scenario and think about how you would have handled something similar.  Merely having a gun and a little bit of training doesn’t make you invincible.  Recognize your limitations.



Modifying the 1911 for Service Use


I’m not a 1911 guy.  I have one and like it, but I never carry my 1911 as a defensive piece.  If you want good 1911 advice, you’ll have to go elsewhere.  Fortunately, I know where “elsewhere” is.  This is a great start.



AR-15 Bolt Tail Cleaning Hack from Kyle Defoor


Kyle Defoor has a slick trick for removing the built-up carbon from your AR-15 bolt tail.  This is usually a tough job.  Scraping the carbon off is a good thing, but you will have more carbon deposits as soon as you shoot a few more rounds through your rifle.  It builds up quickly.  You don’t need to keep the bolt tail completely clean.  It will function even if caked in carbon as long as you keep the rifle well lubed.





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