Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 24, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Links to some of the best tactical information on the web.  If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.



The 4 Things to Look for in a Folding Knife


Some good features to look for in a defensive folding knife.



To Punch or Palm Strike

hock-hochheiim-water-punch 3

Hock shares some thoughts about when to punch and when to palm strike.  Don’t forget hammerfists as well.  At short range or on the ground, you can use hammerfists to hit harder than palm strikes and still avoid breaking your hands.



Brutal Honesty Time I’ve Been Carrying Concealed Wrong and Practicing Wrong


I think there is a lot more of this going on than many people realize.



How to Break Out of Zip Ties

I teach this skill in some of my classes.  This video is kind of impromptu, but it shows that even a small teenage girl can break free of zip ties.  This technique won’t work for police flex cuffs.  You’ll have to come to my classes to learn how to escape those!




28 Pieces of Productivity Advice I Stole From People Smarter Than Me


Some excellent tidbits of advice in this article.



“Its a difficult thing to imagine. Far away from home, on the run…


This guy is a security specialist in Mexico. He has a very good perspective about the violence that occurs in third world countries and how travelers can better protect themselves. Here are some of his thoughts about kidnappings…



The Importance of Extra Ammo?


An attempt to answer the question: “How much ammo is enough?”



Homemade Explosives Guide for after the SHTF

Athens Riots

Presenting these recipes for educational purposes only.  Don’t do anything stupid that will get you arrested or blown up.





How Revolver Speed Loaders Work


A very thorough review of the operation of most of the current speedloaders on the market.  I like the Safariland Comp II and Comp III the best.  They are significantly faster than the other loaders.  I just picked up a couple of the “Speed Beez” loaders but haven’t given them a good workout yet.



10 Cases Where An Armed Citizen Took Down An Active Shooter


Massad Ayoob shares some cases where active shooters were stopped by armed citizens.  John Lott has an article covering similar subject matter as well.



Is a Storage Unit a Viable Survival Cache?

business units for small companies with colorful roller doors

An idea worthy of consideration.  I like the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket.



A Primer On Buying Used Handguns


A lot of very good advice here about how to ensure you don’t get a used handgun “lemon.”



How to Set a Broken Bone or Treat a Dislocated Joint


Some medical knowledge for the higher level practitioners reading this page.  For more advanced level medical advice, check out Medical Kits – subverting the dominant paradigm.



Concealed Carry Tips: Three Essential Shooting Drills


Shooting drills for you to try on your next trip to the range.



Ready or Prepare? Choose wisely…


Dave Spaulding shares his thoughts about the results of the recent Force Science study on handgun ready positions.





A document composed by doctors as an educational reference for other doctors. It’s a critical reference for parents, cops, teachers, and anyone who deals with children who may be using drugs. The reference explains how each drug is administered, what it does, and all of its “street” names. Takes some time to read it.   Opens to PDF.

You’ll also want to check out 27 fatalities from laboratory-confirmed exposure to PMMA.  Here’s the deal: Pure MDMA (“Molly” or “ecstasy”) is a comparatively safe drug that is used often in the electronic dance music community.  It causes euphoria and feelings of love and connection.  The problem is that pure MDMA is fairly expensive and somewhat difficult to come by.  Unscrupulous dealers sell synthetic cathininones or powders like PMMA as “Molly.”  People think they are getting a relatively innocuous drug and wind up with serious health side effects (like death).

I don’t buy into the whole “Just say no” drug strategy, but if you are a parent, it is crucial that you educate your children not to trust drug dealers (especially at concerts).  There is no way to know what those “Molly” capsules actually contain.



Overeating and Brain Evolution: The Omnivores REAL Dilemma.


Robb Wolf summarizes some of the recent research concerning the reasons why we overeat.  It’s truly fascinating science.  Robb is a smart guy.  His The Paleo Solution book is the single best dietary reference that I’ve ever read.



Episode-1536- Reclaiming Education in Modern Society


Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast dives deeply into the problems of our current educational system and how we might improve them.  It’s definitely worth listening to if you have children or any interest in the modern educational process.



Porting Side Laminate Vehicle Glass


Ever wonder how the new laminate automotive glass side windows perform against gunfire?  Check out the video and see for yourself.



Uses for Chickweed

chickweed edible and medical uses

I was out hiking last weekend and saw chickweed popping up everywhere!  It’s a useful herb that you should know about.





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  1. John says:

    Greg – the article on automotive glass resistance to gunfire reminded me of s post you wrote a few months ago, in which you mentioned that it’s easier to break a vehicle side window if it is rolled down an inch or so. I meant to ask you about that at the time, and forgot. Can you provide more information on the physics that support that claim, or provide a citation where I can read more? I’m just curious about how that works. I can go back and find your original post if you need me to.


    • Greg Ellifritz says:

      Withe the window fully supported on all fours sides, there isn’t much room for the glass to flex. That makes it shatter pretty quickly. If it is rolled down just a little bit, the whole window flexes and moves a little bit with the strike, so it doesn’t break as easily. It can still be broken, it’s just harder to do. No physics or citation, just a personal observation after having broken more than a few windows over the years.

  2. Will says:

    Dear Greg
    I liked the article about punching vs. palm striking. Would love to see more articles like it.