Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 29, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


.45 ACP to the Midface


If you think your handgun really has stopping power, check out Sherman’s account of a patient with a .45 slug stuck in his face complaining of a toothache.  You’ll also want to read Sherman’s post about Becoming the Civilian Defender.



10 Tips to Properly Conceal Carry when wearing a Men’s Suit, Blazer, or Sport Jacket


For those of you who don’t wear a polyester uniform to work.



Range Drills – Target transitions, Reloads, and Weapon transitions


A few fun shooting drills for you to try.   Their Pistol Drills article has several more training drills.   If you really want an additional challenge, try the Gunsite 250 school drill.



Tips on Tightening the SOFT-T Wide Tourniquet

A couple of tips for self application of the Soft-T tourniquet.  Here are some additional tips from the Journal of EMS.



Defender Kills Innocent Bystander While Shooting at Fleeing Thieves


We can shoot fleeing felons only when the present a serious risk of danger to society if they are not immediately apprehended.  This case doesn’t meet that stringent criteria.  If you don’t understand the concept do some research on the Tennessee vs. Garner Supreme Court decision.  From the case:

“The use of deadly force to prevent the escape of all felony suspects, whatever the circumstances, is constitutionally unreasonable”



Summer’s Almost Here: Freshen Up Your Skills Before Heading into the Great Outdoors


Some great articles from ITS Tactical to prepare you for your summertime outdoor activities.



Anatomy of an accident


Shooters, we need to be smarter than this.



Yes, There Is A Smart Way To Break Up A Dog Fight


I post a lot of articles about fighting people, but what about dogs?  Here’s a good look at how to separate two fighting dogs with a minimal chance of being bitten.  Make your grab quick and decisive so that the dog isn’t able to spin and bite you.  Keep moving backwards and in a circle so that the dog has to fight to maintain his balance with his front legs.

If you are more concerned about what to do if a dog attacks YOU, then this article might be useful.



Dangerous Predators Stopped with Handguns

FireShot Screen Capture #148 - 'Marksmanship Matters I Dangerous Predators S_' - www_marksmanshipmatters_com_dangerous-predators-stopped-with-handguns

Continuing with the animal theme, here are some intriguing case studies about the stopping power of various handgun loads when fired against large predatory animals.



Random Knife Attacks Caught on Video


These knife attacks probably don’t look much like the ones you have been defending against in the dojo.



U.S. v. Daniels: Probable Cause to Search Motor Vehicles


Some recent case law analysis for my police readers.



SELF-DEFENSE? Sick Man Shoots Firefighters Thinking They Are Home Invaders


Another pertinent issue for my police officer friends…

I am incredibly cautious about making entry into a house for a “well being check.” Even if you have only the best intentions, the outcome can be tragic (like this case).

My cop and firefighter friends need to seriously assess whether that well being check is worth an accidental bullet wound.

It’s rare that we find someone who is too injured or ill to get to the phone. While saves like that happen, 99% of the time the resident is either already dead or passed out drunk (or drugged) in bed.



Band of Brothers: LAPD Officers’ Shootout against Four Bank Robbers in 1920s Los Angeles

August 22, 1925: Oscar Bayer (sitting on right) next to Bertrand M. Steventon. Standing left to right are Claude R. Weaver, Charles Meyers and Jack A. Stambler. This photo was published in the Aug. 23, 1925 Los Angeles Times but Meyers was removed from image by a staff artist.

Speaking of history, check out the account of this amazing LAPD gunfight from 1925.



Restraint Escape Carry: 16 Ways To Go Undetected


Some sneaky ways to hide your escape tools.



The Beginner’s Guide to 3-Gun Competition


Some basics about the three-gun game.



Sudden Shooter Events: Lessons from the Hood


“Think about it. We are slowly approaching a society where being a “Civilian Defender” (credited to Sherman House) may become the responsibility, on some level, of every ablebodied person in America. Whether it be intel collection via the “See something, say something” campaign, or the off chance that you may have to engage a threat live and in living color (or as a colorful real life bad ass recently said in a Matt Landfair’s Youtube video, “punch a bad guy in the head with a hammer”), you could become the first line of defense against terrorism. Many of us have life experiences we may not realize taught us valuable lessons that could, one day, keep us in the fight and save lives.

Think about it, do the work, and be hard to kill.”



I Ain’t Sweet Like That- Dieting and Training in Lockup, Part 1


Interesting article about how prisoners train to gain mass while incarcerated.  Remember folks, these are the people you will be fighting.  Are you training this hard?  Link NSFW due to language and mild nudity.





Sherman shares some of Paul Gomez’ unpublished writing about the “Urban AK.”  Paul was an encyclopedia of knowledge about the AK.  I’m glad he was able to share it with me in an after hours AK shooting session following one of Craig Douglas’ ECQC classes back about 10 years ago.


Back to Bedlam: Cop Haters Make Up Your Mind


Folks, you can’t have it both ways.  If you don’t want cops aggressively hunting criminals, you can’t complain when the murder rate climbs due to a reduction in police activity.  This trend of rising crime rates will continue another 5-10 years until it reaches a point where the pendulum swings the opposite direction and people start demanding aggressive law enforcement.  The problem is that in another 10 years, all the cops who know how to find and arrest criminals will be retired or too old to do it.  The next generation “kind and gentle” cop who has never been in a fight in his life won’t be able to step up to the challenge.  I don’t think we’ll see crime rates drop again for another 20-30 years.  We are in for a rough ride.





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