Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 8, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.



Everything you want to know about suppressors.  Part Two covers the legal issues involved in acquiring one and how to make the purchase.  Part Three covers maintenance and cleaning.



The Time Differences Between Carrying A Round In The Chamber… And Not


I hope that none of my readers are carrying with an empty chamber.  If you are, check out this video.



Here’s What a Man Who Studied Every Suicide Attack in the World Says About ISIS’ Motives


A different way to look at the current state of Islamic terrorism.



.410 Handgun Ballistic Gelatin Tests


Even the “good” .410 loads produce sub par performance in gelatin when fired out of a Taurus Judge.



The safest hotel rooms during a terror attack revealed


Some good advice about choosing the safest hotel room when traveling.  What about those of you who camp in tents when you travel?  Read the article 10 Tips for Finding a Safe Campsite.



5 Essential Rules for Home Intruder Response

Thief. Man in black mask with a cucumber.

Important concepts to internalize and practice.



You’ve Downloaded Cell 411. Now What


Detailed instructions for using what is becoming a very popular personal protection app for your smartphone.



Trouble Shooting Steps for the AR family of Rifles


Having trouble figuring out why your AR-15 rifle isn’t feeding properly?  Here are some things to look at.



Forget Fundamental…Call them ESSENTIAL!


Dave is absolutely correct:

“To me, a person becomes a combative firearms instructor because they want to save lives… to help good guys and gals prevail when their life or the lives of loved ones are on the line. It’s about offering solutions to real problems, not imparting personal doctrine at the cost of all else.



Be a generalist

FireShot Screen Capture #001 - 'Be a generalist – sharp defense' - sharpdefense_me_2016_03_26_be-a-generalist

Paul Sharp talks about the value of becoming a combative generalist.  He also re-introduces us to the mythical “Todd.”  How are you working to make sure you can defeat your version of “Todd.”



Rifle, Scope & Reticle Cant


Do you understand how rifle and scope cant will effect your accuracy?  If you need an education about scopes (and optics in general), you’ll want to check out the Leupold Optics Academy.



Assembling Your Get-Home Bag


Consider packing and carrying a get home bag.  This article will give you a good education on the topic.  You can read my thoughts about the get home bag HERE.



Lions, tigers and bears…oh S**T


Dr. House conducts an thought provoking search for what weapon he would choose if he was limited to owning just one gun.  His choice may surprise you.



Boundary Violation: Gun Politics in the Doctor’s Office in 2016


Some strategies for dealing with anti-gun doctors.



Retired Officer Killed in Armed Robbery


See how easily this open carrying retired police officer gets disarmed.  If you carry a gun, you MUST have some weapon retention training.  Don’t make it easy for the bad guys to kill you.



Self Defense From Inside Your Car


A few good tips for vehicular self defense.



Guide to Budget Ammo


I’m not worried about steel cased ammunition in general, but I do stay away from a few brands.  I don’t shoot Hornady’s steel case .223 ammo after I witnessed a squib load blow up one of my police department’s M-16 rifles.  I also refuse to use Tula ammunition (in any caliber).  I’ve had two factory armorer instructors (for two different handgun companies) tell me that Tula ammo is responsible for more gun ka-booms than any other brand.



Goal setting for CCW focused shooters


A lot of shooters use Todd Green’s FAST drill to evaluate their pistol shooting abilities.  Here is an article describing a sensible practice regimen to improve your FAST score.



Understanding the myth of the “21 foot rule”


Samuel Hayes provides a lot of information about what is commonly called “The Tueller Drill” or “The 21-Foot Rule.”  This is widely misunderstood in the shooting community.  Read the article and educate yourself on this important concept.



Adversarial Attraction: the Predator’s Optic


What do criminals look for when they choose a victim?

“The top cues to vulnerability were: Walk/gait – walking with confidence versus walking like a soft target. Gender – females appear as softer targets than males. Body type – In good physical shape (could put up more of a fight) versus heavy set or slow (less physically challenging). Fitness level – Greater probability of fighting back versus unable to defend self. Attention to surroundings versus Not paying attention; Appears to be cautious versus appears to be clueless.

In distilling the above, there are three overarching Soft Target Indicators that command a predator’s attention at first glance. These are; if you appear to be:

  1. Weak – physically, mentally or otherwise
  2. Unaware – distracted (lack of situational awareness) clearly not paying attention to your immediate surroundings – including them watching you
  3. Alone – easily accessible, vulnerable, exposed, or some combination thereof

You can appear to be any one of these or even any two of these, but all three combined – weak, unaware and alone –well, that’s the predator’s jackpot – three sevens in Vegas!”


You also want to be aware of anyone who is maneuvering to increase your “Scale of Injury.”






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