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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


What to Do in an Active Shooter Situation


This isn’t a bad article. I have some issues with the statement “Running away should always be your first line of action.”

If the author said running should “generally” be your first action or “usually” be your first consideration, I would agree.

There are very few “always” statements when dealing with an active killer.



All About Water Purification: A Tutorial


It’s critical to have clean drinking water if you want to survive any crisis.  Here’s a good article about all the different ways to purify water.  In my travels through third world countries, I have used a Steri-Pen with great success.



Abandoned Cars: Survival Salvage Ideas


While we are on the topic of survival, here is an article about some of the items you can strip out of an abandoned car in a crisis.



Why I don’t recommend two strap bags for EDC


Some of you might be interested in carrying a short barreled rifle in a backpack as part of your everyday carry loadout.  Here are some tips from a guy who carries that way.



M855A1: Beyond the Hype And the Hate


A lot of information on the new “green” 5.56mm round that the army is going to.  I was quite surprised when I read the article.  It doesn’t look like a bad round at all!



223 Remington/5.56mm NATO Barrel length versus Velocity- Short Barrels- 6 to 14 inches


Even more info on .223/5.56mm ballistics.  Check out this chart to see what happens to the velocity of your favorite round as barrel length is decreased.



AR-15 Zeroing


Once you figure out which bullet you want to carry in your AR-15, here is some information on zeroing distances.



Own your sh*t

FireShot Screen Capture #088 - 'Own your sh_t I sharp defense' - sharpdefense_me_2015_11_30_own-your-sht

Words of wisdom from Paul Sharp…


“You’re willing to fight for your family, your job, your place in life, the ground you stand on, because you’re a fucking fighter and that’s what you do. I’m tired of hearing folks justify what we do with peaceful platitudes. Life isn’t peaceful until we make it peaceful, usually by being willing to fight everything that wants to crush us. Life will grind you into powder with relentless pressure. As a fighter you enjoy the pressure, and you want more because you know it’s only going to make you tougher, harder to hurt or kill.”



Meat and Cancer


Are you worried that eating too much meat may give you cancer?  Read this article.



Selecting a Steel Target


Everyone likes to shoot steel.  It is important, however, that you choose the right kind of steel for your targets.  Ricocheting rifle rounds and shotguns slugs will kill you.  Be careful.




FireShot Screen Capture #089 - 'WE DON'T NEED NO WATER_ LET THE MOTHER FUCKER BURN — Mitchell Strength' - www_mitchellstrength_co_za_blog_2015_12_1_we

“Because most men are terrified by the notion of becoming who they truly want to become – who they know they should become – therefore presenting to the world a mitigated version of themselves – devoid of spit and venom – thus unable to stand atop the precipice of modernity and roar their battle-cry of defiance – which like thunder resonating deep within a canyon – would be audible for all to hear.”



To Catch Or Not To Catch?


How many of you cup your hand over the ejection port to catch the chambered round as you are unloading your pistol?  Don’t do that.  Unload your pistol and lock the slide to the rear.  Look into the chamber.  Do you see that little piece of pointy metal sticking out from your frame?  That’s the ejector.  It’s what knocks the empty case out of your pistol after firing.

If you have exceptionally bad luck it can also work as a firing pin if the round you are trying to eject is pushed up against it.  You won’t like the results when that happens and your hand is covering the ejection port.



The Time to Fight


“As the good guy you don’t usually get a say in whether or not some catch-and-release felon tries to make you a victim…but you do get to decide that there’s going to be a fight. You do get to decide that if this bastard wants to end you, he’s going to have to earn it. There’s a time for deescalation and even for running away as fast as possible. There is also a time to fight. A time to summon every ounce of malevolence you can muster and unleash hell on the bastard that is trying to harm you and yours.”



How Many Mass Shootings Are There, Really?


There is no consistent definition for the term “mass shooting.”  That’s why you hear all kinds of crazy inflated numbers.  For even more information on the topic, check out this article from John Lott.




FireShot Screen Capture #091 - 'A HIGHER EDUCATION  - MDTS' - www_mdtstraining_com_a-higher-education

Chris Fry from MDTS talks about some important things to consider when choosing your fighting arts “instructor.”


“Like in academia you will be held to a 10-year-to-credible-opinion standard by other instructors who have put the time in. An instructors FIRST job is to continually improve & educate themselves and that job never ever ends.”

Well said.  Your life is worth more than getting your only training from someone who has nothing more than a weekend NRA instructor “certification.”

You’ll also want to take a look at Chris’ article on Targeting Priorities for blades and improvised weapons.






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  1. Been looking for one of those what to do in an active shooter scenario. I’ve always thought “run” should be the first impulse. Thanks for confirming.