Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 15, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


This type of situation is one that many entry-level CCW permit holders find extremely challenging.  Watch the video and read the excellent analysis.  A woman high on drugs walks up onto a person’s porch and begins yelling obscenities.  The argument escalates until the woman pulls out a glass bottle from her purse and tries to hit the owner of the house with it.

This situation requires patience, verbal skills, and physical skills.  Those are attributes many CCW permit holders don’t practice.  You may be able to draw from concealment and get a one-second hit on a target, but what if the problem you face isn’t a shooting problem?  One could argue that a glass bottle is a deadly weapon, but this woman could barely stand.  She doesn’t need to be shot.

As a cop, I respond to situations like this more often than you might think.  It would be a good idea to develop some skills to handle this problem.  I promise that you are more likely to deal with an obnoxious drunk or drug addict than with 20 ninjas repelling down from a helicopter in your front yard.  What are you training for?



Gunfighter Moment – Mike Pannone


Mike Pannone describes and inexpensive, but effective firearms practice program.



Random Open Carry thoughts


While I respect the RIGHT of citizens to open carry weapons in public, I generally discourage the PRACTICE.  If you are going to open carry, here are some things you should be thinking about.  Read John’s followup article about his open carry experiences as well.



The Conflation of Shooting and Tactics

logoMax Velocity shares some hard won knowledge:

“Remember, ammunition equates to time under enemy fire. No movement without suppressing fire equals no movement without ammunition.”




People need to stop looking for the “magic bullet.”  It doesn’t exist.  There are more gimmick bullets on the market now than at any time in history.  Don’t buy them.  Yes, some expand radically.  But those with rapid expansion don’t penetrate deeply enough to reliably reach vital organs.  Stick with rounds like the Winchester Ranger/PDX, Speer Gold Dot. or Federal HST for your defensive loads.  You can’t go wrong with any of those rounds.



12 Travel Apps Worth Keeping in 2016


Some of the best travel apps on the market.  I use quite a few of these and have found them indispensable.



You Know Less Than You Think About Guns


If you want to intelligently debate firearms issues, you need to know the facts.



Things That Impress Beginners

FireShot Screen Capture #098 - 'Chiron_ Things That Impress Beginners' - chirontraining_blogspot_com_2016_01_things-that-impress-beginners_html

Don’t be a naive consumer.



Foot and Ankle Stuff for Meatheads


A highly informative article for any of you suffering foot or ankle pain.



How to grip a handgun to shoot fast & accurate


Prepared Gunowners shares a high quality tutorial on the proper way to grip a gun.  Please stop using the “cup and saucer” grip!  You’ll also want to check out Jeff Gonzales’ thoughts on the topic.



The Movie Theater Active Shooter Equation


Do you enjoy going to the movies?  Do you have a plan in the event an active killer tries to shoot up your theater?



Always learning


Paul Sharp drops some knowledge:

“Always remember the hierarchy of a fighter or multidisciplinary practitioner; thinker first, fighter second. We must be able to out think them, out talk them, and if necessary out fight them. We can’t do any of that if we aren’t in a constant state of learning, studying, inquiring, keeping ourselves in a state of purposeful curiosity.”



No direction home


Seth Godin talks about what qualities the absolute best companies and businesses are looking for in an employee.  They are:

Can you show me a history of generous, talented, extraordinary side projects?

Have you ever been so passionate about your work that you’ve gone in through the side door?

Are you an expert at something that actually generates value?

Have you connected with leaders in the field in moments when you weren’t actually looking for a job?

Does your reputation speak for itself?

Where online can I see the trail of magic you regularly create?


Now take a look at your average police department.  They are not at all interested in these qualities in either recruits or management.  Is there any wonder things are so screwed up?

I’m currently reading Seth’s book Purple Cow.  I’m really enjoying it.



.380 ACP Ammunition Comparison


The most popular articles on my site deal with the .380 auto pistol.  Everyone wants to know if their pocket .380 is “good enough.”  Here is the most complete listing of gelatin test results in the caliber that I’ve ever seen.  Check out your chosen defense load and see how it compares.



Revolver Reloading: Speed Loaders, Clips, Or Speed Strips?


Some basics on revolver reloading methods.  For what it’s worth, when I carry a revolver, I use eight-round Quick Strips (loaded with five rounds with spaces in between each pair of bullets) for my reloads.



I Was Wrong? Sorta


Ralph Mroz talks about a few studies regarding the “average” gunfight distance.



Dental Preparedness


I discuss medical preparedness quite a bit on this site.  In addition to the medical stuff, are you prepared to deal with a dental emergency on your own?  I always carry dental wax, a temporary filling kit, and a small bottle of eugenol in my med kits.  Those three supplies have always been enough to treat myself of my patient until we could get them to a dentist.



Random Thoughts On Civilian Training Considerations


What kind of training should you be looking for after you get your CCW? Legendary Jedi Marcus Wynne analyzes the question and provides an excellent answer.

His suggestions are comprehensive. They are also expensive and time consuming. If you want to be great, you have to do the work.  You should also read Ralph Mroz’ comments about Marcus’ recommendations.



Operativo “Cisne negro”

Watch the helmet cam footage of the raid that resulted in the capture of the Mexican Cartel drug lord known as “El Chapo.”  The soldiers ended up killing five of El Chapo’s bodyguards and wounding several more.  Watch the tactics.  These guys are fairly well trained.  The raid got chaotic at times, but they did a pretty good job clearing a very difficult structure.  Only one of the marines was wounded in the 15 minute gunfight.

Note how they use barricades and cover in the running gunfight.  Note how they fight from the hallways and make limited penetration into the rooms.  Note how slowly they go.  If your SWAT team is busting in to every target as fast as possible and “running the walls” of every room, your tactics are out of date.  Slow down.  Have good command and control.  Cover every uncleared area.  Then clear the structure room by room, doing the majority of your work from outside in the hallway before you physically enter the room.



The RACS Seminar


My friend Chuch Humes is offering his “Realistic Advanced Critical Skills” class in both January and February at the Cabelas store in Dundee, Michigan.  I’ve seen a version of this class at several police training conferences and it is definitely worth your time to attend.





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