Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 24, 2014

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Here are a few links to articles and videos I found interesting this week. Some are intellectual. Some are informative. Some are just fun. If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.


The Hip Lift/Upa – the technical aspect

Cecil Burch explains the technical aspects of the default escape if you are mounted in a street fight.



Underground Tradecraft: Daily Dry-Fire Training


A simple and excellent dry-fire workout.  And I second the author’s recommendations about reading the books from Michael Seeklander and Steve Anderson.  They are some of the best references on the topic available.



What Is Strong? Real World Strength Standards For Raw, Natural Lifters


“Extremely Strong” for bench and squat and “Elite” for deadlift… I guess I’m doing OK for an old guy.

If you work out and can’t meet the “strong” criteria, I would submit that a refocus on more strength-oriented training would be a better use of your time.


The 50 Yard Zero for 5.56mm


How to zero your AR-15 quickly and easily.  This is the method (and zero) that I use for my rifles.  While there is some merit to the 100M zero, I think most people are better served by zeroing at 50.



Vitamin D—One of the Simplest Solutions to Wide-Ranging Health Problems


You probably need more Vitamin D….

I had my level tested last week.  It was a 56….just barely into the optimal category.   And that’s with supplementing 15,000 IU four times a week.  I also get lots of sun exposure, even going to a tanning booth every week or so in the winter to keep my Vitamin D levels up.  If you don’t supplement or tan, you are likely deficient.




Shot Group Assessment


Since most of us don’t have a private shooting coach, the skill of learning target assessment is critical.  Once you know what you are doing wrong, things are much easier to fix.



My most popular blog posts this year


In this article, Seth talks about how his most popular writing isn’t his best work.  That’s a very interesting concept that holds true for me as well. My best work is not my most popular. I like writing about ideas and tactics. I hate writing about hardware. Gear doesn’t really interest me….but the single most read article on my website is a comparison of .380 automatic pistols.

I think I’ve written about some life-changing tactical ideas but 7 out of my top 10 most popular articles are about specific guns and gear even though those articles account for only 3% of my total content.

It’s been a constant source of disappointment for me.



“Women Should Always Use Revolvers”


I really like revolvers, but Kathy gets it right in this article.  They are harder for a lot of people (both men and women) to shoot well.




My AR-15 Pet Peeves: Maintenance


Some of the common issues that will cause problems in an AR-15.  And some of the Software Issues as well.


The Vehicle Holster


Todd Green talks about some of the issues to consider before using a vehicle holster.



State Knife Carry Laws


A good resource for those of you who carry blades.




This infographic is absolutely frightening to me.  I hope my readers are in part of the 20% of families who actually read a book last year!  If you haven’t read anything for awhile, check out my Recommended Reading List.





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5 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. JMD says:

    While I’m not surprised that many people are not avid readers, I’m alarmed that so many people go most of their lives without reading a book.

    I’ll admit that college turned me off of reading for a while, and for a few years I read very few books (although I usually read several short articles a day). What got me going again was reading fun thriller books – easy reads with gripping action. My wife picked me up some books by Vince Flynn and Brad Thor from the library when I was feeling down and they reignited the flame. Now I usually have at least one book out from the library and another one on my hold list at any given time. In the last year I’ve read several thrillers, a classic by Dickens, one or two biographies and a few non-fiction works. I’m currently working my way through the biography of my great great great great grandfather, a Mormon pioneer. I’m not sure what I’ll read after that – I’ve got a pile of unread books on my nightstand a foot thick.

    After a hiatus of a few years, reading has returned as one of my great pleasures in life. I’ve wondered if it might be that way for more people if we tweaked school curricula to emphasize the pleasure of reading as well as being able to critically analyze a literary work.

  2. Ursavus.elemensis says:

    I read books all the time and I only read non-fiction because there are still way too many things I want to learn about and know about to be able to spare any time for made-up stories (i.e., fiction). But I do not waste time with finishing books that turn out to be boring or are not providing the info I thought they’d provide. Unfortunately, I could count several popular gun-instructors’ books in that category. Some were replete with editing errors, spelling errors, word-choice errors, completely repeated paragraphs, missing parts of sentences, etc. I don’t both finishing those books and I don’t feel bad about it, either.

  3. Greg Ellifritz says:

    I agree! Life is too short to suffer through crappy books!

  4. Navy87Guy says:

    Greg – I’d caution your readers against taking the knife laws graphic on face value. The data for Virginia is flat wrong. Section 18.2-311 of Virginia code makes it illegal to possess or carry a ballistic knife or switchblade. The graphic says neither is illegal, which could lead some visitors to unintentionally break the law.

    And while the reading graphic is disturbing, it had also been retracted by the author after he found out that many of his “facts” weren’t true. Here’s a link to his updated graphic worth new info:http://www.robertbrewer.org/disciple/surprising-book-facts-infographic/

    The point remains the same:teach and encourage people, especially kids, to READ!!