Weekend Knowledge Dump- June 12, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Links to some of the best tactical information on the web.  If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.



How Much Does Wind Reading Ability Matter?


Quality information about reading wind for you precision rifle shooters.  You’ll also want to check out the series’ overall summary as well.



TacRack Slide Racking Aid


My friend Fritz Borke engineered this new piece of kit.  I’ve been playing with one for about a month now and think it has some definite utility for people who have diminished grip strength.  The “wings” provide just enough extra surface area to allow those folks to rack a slide without having their hand slide off.  It also provides a surface for one-handed slide racking (reloads or malfunction clearances) when it is otherwise impossible because the weapon has sloping sights (Novak style) without a sharp edge that can be caught on the belt of holster.



12-Gauge Ammo Test Segmented Slug Showdown: Hexolit 32 vs PDX1



A lot of folks aren’t up to speed on the advancement of technology in the field of anti-personnel shotgun slugs.  Here is a video comparing two of the segmenting slug options on the market.  I previously tested the Winchester load and it performed well against auto glass and sheet metal, but cleanly separated (thus limiting overpenetration) when it hit the gel block.  I carry the Winchester segmented slugs in the side saddle of my home defense Benelli shotgun.



5 New Ways to Use a Foam Roller


Some very unique uses for a foam roller.  My all time favorite roller is the Rumble Roller.  I use it daily.



Minor Burn Management and Controversies of Silver Sulfadiazine

Burn-picture-300x153Best practices for dealing with minor burns.  If you want a more comprehensive lesson, check out this PowerPoint presentation on Emergency Management of Thermal Burns.



Terror in Mumbai

A fascinating video about the Mumbai Active killer terrorist Event in 2008.  The Indian government intercepted the terrorists’ phone calls to their Pakistani handlers.  The video shows a minute by minute progression of the event along with audio (with translation) of exactly what the terrorist were saying and the advice they were given by their handlers.  If you want to get into the mind of an active killer, this is a great reference.



Real world SHTF: The Countryside is more Dangerous


Anyone who has truly studied global collapse events recognizes that “running for the hills” or “bugging out” is rarely the most successful strategy.  Read this article.  Then check out the author’s book The Modern Survival Manual.



Gray Man. Is Yours Orange?


Some thoughts on becoming the “gray man.”



Uses for Mullein


Mullein is a very useful plant that often grows along the side of the road or in “waste” places.  Learn how to use it by reading this excellent summary.



11 Ways To Light Your Home When The Power Goes Out


Some options everyone should have at hand for the times the power goes out in your house.  Backup generators are great, but you can have light for far less cost.  Instead of stockpiling all this stuff, buy some rechargable AA batteries, a solar charger, a AA headlamp for each member of your family, and a AA camping lantern.  For less than $150 you can be prepared with enough light for any long term power outage.



Saving Yourself in a Crowd


A very comprehensive article about mob violence and the behavior or crowds of people.



Mounting Optics To An AK Rifle


A good resource for you AK shooters out there.  For what it’s worth, on my “social work” AK-47, I have a railed upper forend and an Aimpoint H-1.  It’s been a good combination for me.



6 ways NOT to grip a pistol


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen all of these grips at my public shooting range.  Shooters, step up your game and fix your shit!



Beretta 92FS/M9 Safety Deactivation: An Easier Way


I rarely carry my Beretta 92, and when I do, I don’t carry it on “safe.”  With that said, this is a cool trick that I wish someone had shown me a long time ago!



When We Play With Guns–But Shouldn’t


Melody shares some advice about avoiding the unnecessary handling of guns.



Fighting Shotgun! The Three Keys To Success!


Some very useful information from Mike Seeklander about the fighting shotgun.





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