Weekend Knowledge Dump- March 14, 2014

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Here are a few links to articles and videos I found interesting this week. Some are intellectual. Some are informative. Some are just fun. If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.



Expiration Dates and Preparedness


In my medical classes I talk about how drug expirations work and about the military SLEP testing mentioned in this article.  The bottom line is that if your drug isn’t a liquid and doesn’t have a time release mechanism (extended release), it will likely remain at full potency for between two and six years AFTER the expiration date.


The folding knife


Jeff Gonzales shares some excellent advice about carrying and training with a folding knife.



Inspiring message of the day: obesity is not a disease and you do have free will


“I hear a lot about genetics, but people in the 19th century had genetics, didn’t they? Yet they didn’t have an obesity epidemic. You know what else they didn’t have back then? Cinnabon. Coincidence? Probably not.”

1911 Malfunctions

Sierra Exif JPEG

If you shoot a 1911, you WILL experience malfunctions.  As the article says, “if you don’t, you are either lying or don’t shoot enough.”  This article describes all the common malfunctions you will experience and how to fix them.



Self Assessments Worth Correcting-Part 2, Ankle Mobility


Lack of ankle mobility is a huge restriction on basic athletic performance.  Here’s how to check for optimal mobility and what to do if you find a restriction.



Concealed Carry Tips You Probably Forgot

concealed-carry-featuredSome good reminders here…



Hey Parents: Quit Raising Specialists and Start Raising Omnivores

Sports-STACK-629x240-300x114Very good advice here for any of you who have children….



Beretta Accessories

eu00031Many gun companies won’t sell parts for their guns directly to the consumer.  I disagree with this practice.  I won’t carry a gun that I can’t fix myself.  And I can’t fix it if I can’t buy parts.  Beretta has now made parts available for their Model 92/M9 pistol directly on their website.  If you own one of these, pick up a new recoil spring.  If you do a lot of shooting, you probably need it.



Louis CK and the Hare Krishnas Used This ONE Trick for Success


Learn about the “law of reciprocity” and “commitment bias”. These are not limited to comedians. They are techniques that criminals and con artists will use as well. Being able to recognize when you are being manipulated is a critical skill to possess.



Center Mass in a Three-Dimensional World


“I’ll just shoot him in the legs.”

“Two to the chest, one to the head.”

“Double tap and done.”

“I’ll just shoot him in the pelvis and work my way up.”

All of these “plans” presuppose that your bad guy will let you.  We shoot to stop the threat and doing so means targeting the center of what is offered, or exercising discipline until you can maneuver for a clear shot or wait for the threat to give you one.  We should be wary of anything that always works on paper, just as we should probably be dubious of magic formulas that require a specific set of circumstances to work.  The only off switch is a hit (or more) to the central nervous system.  Outside of that, you can and should expect a threat to continue to fight regardless of where or how many times you hit them.  Until they lose consciousness or surrender, they are still a threat and should be treated as such by the continued use of controlled violence so long as you have a clear shot.”



Is your Vitamin D supplement helping or hurting you?


Very important research and information about Vitamin D.



Butterfly Guard for the Vertical Clinch


Being able to fight in the stand up clinch is a critical skill to acquire.  But what if your martial art doesn’t do any clinch work?  Cecil explains how to practice the stand up clinch in a BJJ context.



3 Key medical concepts to teach to any child

sick-boy-300x300How do you teach your young children to recognize and respond to a medical emergency?  Here are some good ideas…



Standing Firm for Stand Your Ground


A police officer (and attorney) details the primary components of state “Stand Your Ground” laws and why they are important.  The author’s book When Cops Kill is a useful read for anyone interested in the aftermath of a deadly force incident.



17 Items your college student needs as they head out for Spring Break


Important items to carry when traveling…whether it’s your child or you who are going away for spring break.



Protein is as dangerous as smoking?


Did you see the recent article about how eating meat is as bad for you as smoking?  Don’t believe the hype.  Here is a breakdown of the study in question.




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