Weekend Knowledge Dump- October 30, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The Secret to Being a Survivor on the Street: How to Develop a Combatives Mindset


A lot of hard won wisdom from Kelly McCann in this article.



Friday Fundamentals (Segment 3) Properly gripping an autoloading pistol


I would guess that most of my readers have not yet attended a professional shooting school (no, your CCW class doesn’t qualify).  Therefore, many folks reading this have no idea how to properly grip a pistol.  Let the Tactical Professor drop some knowledge on you.



10 Shotgun Myths Busted


Myths about the shotgun abound.  This article sets a few of them straight.



Proper Use of the Police Baton or Nightstick

A 1963 police night stick training video.  There are a few old school bone crushing moves there.  It’s interesting to note that the instruction was to strike the body’s “most vulnerable targets.”  In most modern police baton work, those targets are specifically prohibited.  Wonder why cops don’t use their sticks as often as they used to?  Because they just aren’t as effective when you are required to strike the suspect in an area that doesn’t cause any damage.



Finger position is ‘King’


Ken Hackathorn says “finger position is king.”  He is right.  Read and heed his advice.  If you want the science behind his recommendations, read my article on Hand Clenches and Accidental Discharges.



5 x 5 Shooting Challenge

Mike Seeklander provides you with a shooting drill designed to identify problems and track improvement over time.  Give it a try!



The 20 Habits of Eventual Millionaires


Do you follow these habits?  Excellent advice here.



The Ubiquitous RPG-7 (Video)


Have you ever wondered how an RPG works?  The crew at forgotten weapons show how it is loaded, armed, and fired in this interesting video.  I got a chance to fire an RPG in Cambodia.  It was without a doubt the most impressive weapon I have ever fired.



Why I Stopped Using Petzl Headlamps


I am a headlamp junkie.  Take my advice, if you don’t currently own a headlamp, pick one up without delay.  These aren’t tactical lights, but are lights that you can use while camping or when the power goes out.  Having a headlamp allows your hands to remain free.  You can read a book, walk a trail, wash dishes, or do anything else with ease instead of bumbling around trying to hold onto your “tactical” flashlight.

Petzl has the headlamp market share, but like Paul, I prefer the Surefire Minimus.  I like them so much that I actually have three of them.  They have survived the roughest conditions possible as I’ve traveled across six continents.  The things are damn near indestructible.  I’ve also been playing with the Fenix HL23.  It is a fine light as well and much lighter and cheaper than the Surefire.  I don’t care what light you buy, just get a headlamp for each member of your family.  You will be glad you did!



5 signs you take CCW too seriously


I have a feeling that many of you find yourself doing all the things on this list…..and that may not be a good thing.



Just Hit the Gym – Why Lightweight Carbines Aren’t Just for Sissies


I’ve spent a good portion of my life in the gym.  I can carry a heavy rifle.  But I don’t.  My AR-15 is as light as I could possibly make it.  Even if you are buff, you’ll appreciate a lightweight rifle if you have to carry it around and fire from shooting positions other than prone or bench rested in real world operations.



Applying the Pillars to Your Everyday Life

FireShot Screen Capture #055 - 'Applying the Pillars to Your Everyday Life - The CP _' - www_cp-journal_com_applying-the-pillars-to-your-everyday-life

A condensed version of some of the basic ideas described in the book Left of Bang.  This gives you a good way to make rapid judgements about people and situations based on their body language and demeanor.



Is Level III Armor Worthless?


The answer is “no.”  Level III plate armor is probably the best choice possible for an armed citizen looking for inexpensive armored protection.  Yes, a .223 45 grain varmint round will sometimes penetrate level III armor, but we don’t see many criminals/terrorists/soldiers loading their AR-15s with varmint rounds.  Level IV would offer more protection, but again, not many criminals/terrorists/soldiers carry armor piercing .30-06 ammo either.  Pick protection against threats you are most likely to face.


And unless you are dirt poor, stay away from the steel level III plates.  They are cheap, but they are heavy and occasionally cause life threatening ricochets and spall.  Your life is worth more than that.  Get the ceramic plates.  You can buy them as cheaply as $125 each.  The steel plates are twice the weight and many times more dangerous for $65 each.  Buy once, cry once.



Building a Better Grip


Grip strength is more important to shooters and fighters than many people realize.  Here are some tips from an elite-level power lifter for increasing your grip strength.  Give some a try in your next workout.  I also like the Captains of Crush hand grippers and keep a couple in my car to use when I’m stuck in traffic.



Tips on dealing with a zip hoodie or jacket

It’s getting colder outside.  Watch this short video from Short Barrel Shepherd about some of the techniques you can use to draw from a closed front garment like a hoodie or pullover.



The .22 Magnum for Self-Defense


A lot of ballistic gelatin data testing of the .22 magnum cartridge, along with the author’s rationale for carrying that caliber defensively.  I really like the .22 magnum and often have my S&W 351C in my pocket or tucked in my waistband as I do yard work outside the house.  The gun is light, has no recoil, holds seven shots, and (with the right ammo) is ballistically similar to a .38 spl. round.  What’s not to like?



Performance Under Stress (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 125)

FireShot Screen Capture #062 - 'Ballistic Radio I Just facts…' - ballisticradio_com

An extremely informative audio podcast interview of John Hearne, one of the true thinkers in the tactical world.  John dispels a lot of myths about performance under stress in this interview.



A Closer Look at FireClean and Canola Oil


The final word on the Fire Clean controversy.  Bottom line?  It’s some kind of vegetable oil blend.





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