Weekend Knowledge Dump- September 25, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


The Ultimate Guide To Glock Preventative Maintenance and Scheduled Parts Replacements


If you own a Glock, you should be reading this article.  It provides a very detailed series of instructions in order to strip the weapon and replace all of the springs.

While you are reading, you’ll also want to check out the author’s article about How to Lubricate a Handgun.

Many people who come to my classes have weapons that are either over-lubricated or have no lubrication on them. Here’s an article explaining how to lube your handgun correctly. It isn’t all that complicated. Your pistol is a machine with moving parts. Put a small drop of oil on any place where two pieces of metal rub together. Problem solved.



Don’t Build a Shitbox: The Path and Prioritizing


Some words of wisdom about accessorizing your AR-15 rifle.



My Main Pick Kit


For my friends interested in the fine art of lock picking.



In hand knife concealment. 101

FireShot Screen Capture #030 - 'In hand knife concealment_ 101' - edpoint_tumblr_com_post_128247047947_in-hand-knife-concealment-101_soc_src=mail&soc

Some slick ways of concealing a ready-to-use blade in your hand or by using items of clothing.  This is an important concept that I teach in all of my two-day knife classes.  Stabbing someone is easy.  Getting the knife out and open is hard.  Being able to short circuit the draw and opening procedures by using techniques like these buys you a lot of time in a fight.



Does an M14 Really Turn Cover Into Concealment?


Don’t you hate it when scientific testing ruins the mythology that has been passed down for generations?  It turns out that the .308 round doesn’t significantly out perform the .223 round when penetrating many common barriers.  And what you’ve been told about the penetration of a .30 Carbine round is wrong as well.



A great idea to add “man on man” shooting competitions to you larger classes without a lot of down time.



Finding Concealed Carry Holsters For Women


Some great information for my female readers.



Tactical Tip Of The Week


“Where do I go next?” is a common question asked by students after they have passed their first concealed carry class.  Many don’t understand, but most CCW classes provide very little tactical training.  They are fine introductions, but are usually focused on gun safety rather than life saving tactics.  Here is a list of skills that a CCW carrier should master.  Read it and decide where you want to focus your efforts.  The journey is never complete.



Ammunition & Velocity – Hot vs. Cold Car


Did you know that your ammunition’s velocity will change depending on how hot or cold the case is?  100 feet per second difference can lead to pretty significant point of impact changes in a precision rifle.



10 Things Vegetarians Get Wrong


I really don’t care what you eat.  If your body works well on a vegetarian diet, more power to you.  The only thing I care about is that you make your dietary decisions on facts and not emotion or disinformation.



What’s the difference between tasks and skills in defensive shooting training? Does it matter?


“Practicing your skills out of context, out of the conditions under which you can reasonably expect to need them, isn’t practicing realistically. Start with the task you want to achieve, and practice the skills you need in — as close as you can — the same types of circumstances in which you’re likely to use them.

Start your path to more realistic training now, by looking at your practice regimen and the skills you’re working on. Look at each skill, and ask yourself: a) how likely is it that I’ll need this skill; b) what task does this skill support; and c) am I practicing in a way that’s congruent with how I expect to actually use it?”



Management of Venomous Snake Bites in North America:
Separating the Evidence from Medical Folklore


In my medical classes, I always get questions about snake bites.  I’m convinced that there is more mythology present in the ideas people have about treating snakebites than with any other medical topic.  I don’t spend much time on snakebites in my class because they kill fewer than five people a year in the USA.  If you are interested in the state of the art with regard to treatment of venomous snake bites, here is a great article.



15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them)


If you travel at all outside of the USA, it would be smart to read up on these common scams that target foreigners.  I’ve seen many of them in my travels.  If you want more scam avoidance information, wait for my upcoming travel safety book.  In it, I have a 30-page chapter listing these scams along with a whole bunch of others I’ve experienced over the years.  More importantly, I tell you how to avoid all of this nonsense and “de-select” yourself as a target of the scam artists.



Contact Avoidance vs Contact Management


I don’t think this has to be an either/or.  Students should be proficient at both methods of disengagement.  Different scenarios require different skill sets.  If you’ve been to 15 different carbine courses, but have never taken a class about how to verbally and physically handle people, I might suggest that your training priorities are somewhat skewed.



Hidden Groundwater Sources in Urban/Suburban Settings

FireShot Screen Capture #031 - 'Hidden Groundwater Sources in Urban_S_' - survivalblog_com_hidden-groundwater-sources-in-urbansuburban-settings-by-alp

A novel idea for finding potable ground water in an urban emergency.






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3 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Miguel says:

    Re: 15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them) / Fake Hotel Wakeup Call.

    This has happened in the States also, not just abroad. If there is an issue with your credit card, the front desk will ask you to come down to get it fixed..and you should do so!
    Some scammers will go as far as offering to send a bell or a manager to the room to get the info. Next thing you know, a well dressed gentleman or lady knocks your door and you are stupidly handing your life savings to them.


    • Greg Ellifritz says:

      Absolutely true. I took a police report last year when it happened to a man staying at a hotel in our city. The calls usually happen very early in the morning. The criminal likes to catch you sleeping because he knows you’ll be groggy and not thinking clearly.

  2. Steve Owens says:

    Re: Hidden Groundwater.

    Seems to me the overlooked water supply in urban/suburban areas are those yellow things on practically every street corner. I have never seen fire hydrants discussed but can’t say I’ve focused much on the topic of water supply in occupied areas.

    Even if infrastructure fails and pump stations are inactive there we’ll be plenty of water in the system. Finding hydrants in lower areas will allow gravity to force water out once the valve is opened.

    Probably not a 100% solution but you can bet I’m going to give it a go if I get thirsty.