Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 15, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


America’s Best Years Were When We Had No Income Tax


Since today is tax day for Americans, we’ll start out with some interesting facts about the income tax.



The Glock 19: The Self-Defense Pistol Against Which All Others are Measured


The Glock 19 is the pistol of choice for the majority of professional firearms instructors I know.  In fact, in the recent Recoil Magazine series on “Guns of the Professionals” the editor told me that all the professionals he contacted carried the G-19.  That didn’t make for an interesting article, so he had to have quite a few of his interviewees describe their second favorite guns instead.  You can’t go wrong choosing a G-19 as your defensive pistol.  It’s easy to conceal, utterly reliable, and everyone shoots it well.



Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become


Some incredibly frightening statistics. Now you know why I like to spend so much time in foreign countries.



4 Easy Ways to Fix Shoulder Pain


Speaking of training, the most common problems I see in my students involve their shoulders.  This article explains some great techniques to rehab your aching deltoids and rotator cuffs.  It’s not mentioned in the article, but the majority of my students’ shoulder pain is the direct result of muscular imbalances.  People train pushing muscles more than pulling muscles.  That causes problems.  When people come to me with shoulder pain, my first prescription is to tell them to do 3x the number of pulling sets (rows, pulldowns, pullups, etc) than the number of pushing sets (military press, bench press, etc) that they do.  Over time, that prescription usually fixes shoulder issues without requiring any special massage techniques or rehab exercises.



Argument Leads to Knife Attack


Don’t underestimate kids.  This attacker (who appears to be a young teen) is carrying a fixed blade knife and is eager to use it.  Do you really want to get in this type of fight over a bump in a grocery store?




A look at knives and Ohio law


Ohio has some of the most vague and ill-defined knife laws in the country.  To set up this article, I will explain that a knife is illegal in Ohio if both of the following factors are present:

1. It is concealed

2. It is considered a “deadly weapon”

The concealed part is easy.  The “deadly weapon” part is not.  Unfortunately there are no criteria written into the law to explain the difference between a common pocket knife and a “deadly weapon.”  It becomes a judgement call on the part of the cop who arrests you (and then ultimately the jury) as to whether your knife is a “deadly weapon” or not.

This article takes a look at an appeals court case where the court provided some guidance about what may be considered features of a “deadly weapon.”  It’s a good read.

The criteria, however, are not really rational.  It basically comes down to “does the knife look scary?” and “was the knife being actually used as a weapon prior to the arrest?”

That’s why my chosen carry knife is a Spyderco “Delica” with a grey handle and no serrations.  It looks as innocuous as possible for a defensive blade.  “Delica” sounds a whole lot better to a jury than “Ninja Throat-Cutter 3000.



Easy At-Home AK Magazine Modification – Reload Indicator


A neat idea for those of you who use an AK as a defensive rifle.


A Simplified Approach to the Patient with Dizziness


Dizziness and vertigo are common medical complaints.  Here are some things you should be thinking about if you or your companions get dizzy and can’t make it to the hospital.  The most common causes of dizziness I see are either heat exhaustion or dehydration.  Providing your patient with Oral Rehydration Salts (assuming he/she is conscious) is the fastest way to make the symptoms go away.  I always carry a few of these packets when traveling and have at least one in all my med kits.



Trade-in Temptation


Tim provides some excellent advice about buying police trade-in guns…and I’m exceptionally jealous of his 3″ Model 10.



Appropriate Guns and Training


A very extensive interview with Claude Werner discussing CCW for the average person and carrying in the “non-permissive environment”. Claude is truly one of the most innovative thinkers in the firearms training field. This interview with him is older but definitely worth the read.



What To Do In The Event Of A Bomb Blast


If you can’t get distance or shielding from an explosion or grenade blast, here is the next best thing to do.



Low light, red sights, and Tom Givens’ Glock 35


Sherman takes a look at the “necessity” of having tritium night sights.



1978 American Handgunner

FireShot Screen Capture #145 - 'American Handgunner Sept_Oct 1978 - HSO78_pdf' - americanhandgunner_com_1978issues_HSO78_pdf

A little history for you.  Check out the full PDF copy of a 1978 vintage American Handgunner magazine.



Ammo Test: Barnes Barnes TAC-XPD 9mm +P


All-copper hollowpoints continue to impress me.  This is ideal performance from a 9mm round.



CCW Scenario: Stranger Approaches In Parking Lot — What Do You Do?


Some quality information for avoiding typical parking lot crimes.




I recently acquired a vintage Browning Baby in .25 acp.  It’s a TINY gun…considerably smaller than even my Ruger LCP.   While I can’t envision many scenarios where I would carry the little Browning as a primary weapon, I think guns of this size and caliber do have a role in our self protection arsenal.



Black Gunowner Myth #3: Real Men (only) use their Hands


I’ve been enjoying this series discussing misconceptions around firearms in the black community.  This is the third installment.



Yet Another Worthless Study on Police Shootings


Andrew Branca tears another flawed study apart.  Based on the study’s conclusion, police shoot unarmed black men at higher rates than unarmed white men.  Not exactly true.  Read Andrew’s critique.  Branca is one of the best legal minds in the business.  His book The Law of Self Defense is a must read.



The Color of Crime


For an even deeper look at the issues of race and crime, I would suggest this excellent resource.  H/T to Practical Eschatology for finding the link and expertly summarizing the findings.




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