Weekend Knowledge Dump- July 3, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Links to some of the best tactical information on the web.  If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.


Beach massacre gunman went back to kill 17 MORE victims


The most detailed account I’ve found about the Tunisian active killer who shot tourists on the beach last week.  He was armed with an AK-47, 4 spare magazines, a handgun, and multiple home made hand grenades.  He killed 38 and wounded 39 more, operating for almost 40 minutes before a lone police officer (with a handgun) took him out with two shots to the body.


Gas vs. Inertia Semi-Auto Shotguns


An article that explains the differences between gas and inertia operated semi auto shotguns as well sd describing the relative advantages of each system.


The Value of a Tactic? How Many Counters Are There?


This is a unique way of evaluating the efficiency of your combatives techniques.  There will always be trained counters to every technique you use.  Fortunately with regard to street combat, we don’t generally deal with people who train regularly.  What is more worrisome is what Hock refers to as the “natural counter.”  Maybe we should spend some time evaluating our techniques in relation to how many “natural counters” might be used against us.



5 Common AK Mistakes You Can Avoid


A good article about ways NOT to use an AK-47 rifle.




An intriguing hypothesis.  Give cops MDMA and they will be less forceful.  It might actually work.  I think that most cops would certainly benefit from taking the drug (obviously not while on duty).  There are two big problems.  One is that the drug is currently Schedule I.  That means it’s illegal here to even use the drug in a scientific study, let alone casually or recreationally.  It creates some cognitive dissonance for most police officers when they force others to obey laws and then break those same laws in their personal lives.  The drug needs to be dropped down in the DEA schedule so legitimate scientific research can happen.

The other problem is that lots of cops are wound too tightly because that’s how they want to be!  There would be a significant percentage who don’t want to change their hyper-aroused status even if it does bring clear benefits.  They cope with life by being control freaks and they don’t want that trait to disappear.  Those cops would be the best candidates for MDMA-assisted therapy, but would be the least likely to volunteer.



Rule One Gun Roundup – Glock 42


Tim writes an excellent review of the Glock 42.  I really like that little gun, but I find myself doing the same thing that Tim describes.  Unless I am paying very good attention to my trigger pull, I find myself pushing shots to the left.  It’s still WAY better to shoot than my LCP.



Structured practice (Part II)


The Tactical Professor shares some tips about creating a structured live fire practice routine.  You’ll also want to read Claude’s post on Target Identification.  My cop friends will also want to look at his new audio recording.  Claude has narrated the summaries of all the most recent Law Enforcement Killed Summaries from the FBI.  The summaries provide a handy record of how officers get killed in America.  His audio summaries would be perfect to play for roll call training before every shift.



Uses for Yarrow


One of my favorite medicinal herbs.  It was once called “Wound Wort” or “Soldier’s Herb.”  It’s a natural antiseptic and blood clotting agent.  It also works well for skin infections and fever.  It grows everywhere.  Take a look at this article and learn how to recognize this one.



Quick Kill — Useful Skill


An informative article on the Vietnam War era military “Quick Kill” point shooting program.  The article shares some research that I hadn’t seen before and has links to some of the original program lesson plans.



It’s hot out there, try not to puke too much


A comprehensive article about preventing and treating heat injuries.



Lines, Lights, and Lanes


“Just because you’re losing doesn’t mean you’ve lost. When you find your structure crumbling look for for things that are familiar, they will be your anchors. When you can’t find anything familiar – when the smoke gets too thick to see the lights, or the lines, and the lanes – make new ones. Reconstruct your reality, make new rules. Change the framework.”



Bring me sunshine for a long life: Leading dermatologist says regular exposure is good for us

Get some sun on your skin!



ISIS Releases CHILLING New Manual “How To Survive in the West”


ISIS has put out a 71-page guide described as follows:

“This book is a guide for the Muslims who are living in a majority non Muslim land, or a country where the rulers are harsh towards the believers. It will explain to you the different scenarios you may get into and how to react. It will teach you how to be a secret Agent who lives a double life, something Muslims will have to do to survive in the coming years.”

It’s a useful piece of intelligence to read.



Gunfighter Moment – Ken Hackathorn


Ken Hackathorn talks about the realities of a gunfight….

“One of the most interesting things that I continue of learn as I study real world shootings is the fact that the degree of difficulty is not particularly high. Most shootings/shootouts require pretty straight forward skills. Running, jumping, rolling and other antics that are popular in the movies rarely come into play for real. Most of the time, it’s just a simple matter of alignment and trigger press. Ranges are rarely more than 10 yards, as a rule more like 5 yards being pretty common. Lighting conditions will be low, but there is usually enough light to see your target and align the gun. “



Most people in the gym are not even trying


I want to attach a copy of this article to every cardio machine in my gym…

“In my years in the gym I’ve noticed a correlation. This correlation has not been subject to rigorous scientific study and has no p value, it’s just my own observation. The correlation, a negative one, is between a person’s apparent degree of fitness, as evidenced by his (or her) leanness and muscularity, and the amount of time he spends on treadmills, stairsteppers, and other cardio machines.

By contrast, most of the really fit-looking people are lifting weights, whether using barbells and dumbbells or on machines.”



5.56x45mm Fired From a 7.5″ Barrel is Just a Glorified .22LR


A few people need a ballistics education if they believe a short barreled AR-15 pistol is no more powerful than a .22 Long Rifle.



I Don’t Care if the Move Works


Cecil laying down the knowledge bomb…

“What we need to focus on is what are the things that work in the most situations, against the widest variety of opponents, and that can be trained with the least outlay of training time, and with the highest chance of predicting the effect of the move on the other person In other words, what are the most efficient methods/techniques/systems that still have a high amount of efficacy, especially if we are speaking of the everyday person and his limited time to train.”


You’ll also want to listen to his interview on Ballistic Radio.  He covers some concepts about close quarters fighting that are critical for the armed citizen to understand.



Paul-E-Palooza! or, The Best Training Event of the Year!


Be there or be square…seriously, it’s one of the best training events of the year. I’ll be there teaching folks how to beat people to death with a flashlight. Who wouldn’t want to learn that skill?





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2 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Back Spin says:

    Greg, I’m usually a fan of your weekend knowledge dump articles. I’ve learned quite a few things from them and been exposed to interesting content outside of the usual tactical and shooting stuff. That being said I’m disappointed in your posting the MDMA for Cops article.

    Firstly, if there was one thing I remember from one of my college biology classes, it’s that MDMA eventually causes the brain to stop naturally producing serotonin (the feel good chemical in the brain). The user becomes dependent on the drug to feel normal. Without MDMA the user will suffer chronic depression. A cop’s job is depressing enough.

    Furthermore, The linked article is a heavily biased anti-cop article. Whatever potentially useful info the author might have had is made suspect by his intellectual dishonesty at presenting police brutality as an epidemic problem. Do you agree with the that premis?

    His biggest piece of evidence of police misconduct was the amount of money NYC paid to make lawsuits against the NYPD go away. Cities pay money all the time simply because it’s cheaper to stay out of court. Opportunists have figured that out and sue the police hoping for some go-away money. The article does not address how many of the complaints were actually sustained against officers.

    The author also says the shooting of “unarmed” Michael Brown is further evidence of police brutality. Greg, do you really agree that Officer Wilson was not justified in using deadly force against someone who tried to take his gun away and later decided to charge at him?

  2. Richard says:

    The body count in Tunisia wasn’t really a function of police response. It was the product of a “gun free zone”. Trust a British newspaper not to understand this. Police resources are not infinite and police efficiency is not perfect. You are on your own for an unpredictable amount of time and should plan for this. Step One for me is avoiding “gun free zones” whenever possible.