Weekend Knowledge Dump- April 17, 2015

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Links to some of the best tactical information on the web.  If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.




Some precision rifle basics.  The article Mils vs. MOA provides even more information.  Some considerations on the topic of MOA/Mil or Mil/Mil adjustments on your precision rifle scope can be found HERE.



Infantry Weapons And Usage In Korea(2)


Some more information compiled in a study that spoke to Korean War soldiers immediately after battlefield engagements.  One of the study’s conclusions has remained unchanged for more than 50 years…we need more shooting practice:

“Rifle practice at the longer ranges is still desirable. But the rifleman needs about five times the amount of practice now given him with live ammunition if the weapon’s potential is to be fully exploited in combat.”



Movement with Purpose


I like Dave Spaulding’s take on shooting while moving.  Purposeful is important.



Shot Placement in Combat Shooting


A couple of shot placement considerations that you may not be aware of.



The Citizen Unconventional Rifle Squad: Arming with .308?


Max Velocity shares some important information about choosing the best rifle caliber for arming an unconventional rifle squad.  He has some additional information about team tactics in his post CUTT Maneuver: Patrol Formations & Actions on Contact.  If you would like to learn some more about military and group tactics, I think you’ll like his book Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival.



Optimizing protein intake


An adequate intake of protein is critical to developing lean body mass.  What most people don’t understand is that there is a possibility of taking in too much protein….and I’m not talking about some kind of mythological “kidney damage.”  Know what you are putting into your body and understand there might be downstream consequences for your actions.




Some great resources for shooters who have elbow pain.  I would also suggest checking out Dr. Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD website and Becoming a Supple Leopard Book.  Kelly’s “Voodoo Floss Bands” have worked wonders on some of my tendon issues.



Experiential Learning Laboratory with Craig “SouthNarc” Douglas – The stuff you don’t learn in gun school


Tim shares some very important insights after going through Craig Douglas’ force on force training scenario at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference.  If you haven’t done force on force training, pay very close attention to some of the effects he describes.  They are very common and often misunderstood by square range shooters.  After you get a solid grounding in the basics, seek out some force-on-force training.



How to Unlock Your Phone For Traveling Abroad


The cheapest way to make calls and use data on your phone in a foreign country is to purchase a cheap local SIM card.  Unfortunately, you phone has to be “unlocked” to do this.  If you have a newer phone that is still on contract, most cellular carriers won’t unlock it.  Here is a service that provides unlock codes and guides you through the process so that you can use a local SIM card if you choose.  I haven’t tried it, but it may be an acceptable alternative option (besides buying an additional unlocked phone) if you need to use your phone extensively overseas.  THIS ARTICLE describes in great depth some of the additional options you have for using your phone abroad including some very useful travel apps.



Insights On Leadership From Chimp Alpha Male Behavior


What can our furrier cousins teach us about leadership and “alpha” behavior?


Mind Games: The Benefit of Conscious Contradictions in Training


A good shooting drill for you to try…combing fast draws with conscious, deliberate, precision long range shots.



An Appreciation of Spyderco Knives




Marcus Wynne shares his thoughts on Spyderco knives.  I couldn’t agree more.  My everyday carry knife is the Spyderco Delica.  When I travel overseas, I carry the Spyderco Salt.  And I use the Sharpmaker to resharpen every knife I own.



Guns, gangs, and the Glawk 40: A primer on street gangs and how they get arms



I don’t normally post stuff from Reddit.  Watching idiots argue about stupid shit usually doesn’t appeal to me. but I found this article interesting. It was allegedly written by a street gang “armorer.” Could be complete bullshit, but what he says holds up to what I have seen in some of the bangers I’ve arrested over the years.



How to Identify and Avoid the Most Common Telephone Scams


Telephone scams are ubiquitous.  We see several reports of them every week on the city where I work.  I took one report where a woman was scammed for over $5000 in two phone calls.  Read this article and learn to recognize what you may someday experience.



The Defensive Shotgun


The shotgun seems to be losing the favor of the “cool kids” in the defensive world.  Most instructors now advocate an AR-15 over a shotgun for defensive purposes.  I still think the shotgun is one of the best weapons available for home protection duties.  This article covers some of the myths involved in defensive shotgun use.



Emergency Medical Action Plans for Live-fire Range Operations



Does your firing range have a comprehensive medical plan?  Are you briefed on medical contingencies at the start of each of your firearms training classes?  If not, seek training from someone that actually has a plan in the event of an accidental gunshot wound or other range emergency.



 Drugs of Abuse: What You & Clinicians Need to Know

A useful drug reference for parents, teachers, medical personnel, and police officers.  Do you know what MDPV is?  How about “Spice” or “Foxy?”  These are drugs that are commonly used today and most “straight” folks have no idea how to recognize them or their effects.  Check out the paper below if you need to learn a little more about the topic.

Short video of me teaching how to break zip tie restraints in last weekend’s “Unthinkable” class in Virginia.  In that class I cover how to free yourself from handcuffs, zip ties, flex cuffs, and duct tape.  If you would like to schedule the class at your location, contact me.



Families With Firearms



I often get requests for more articles about family safety from readers of my site.  Being a single guy with no kids, I’m not an expert in that field.  If you want more information about keeping your family safe, I would suggest that you attend this class that is taught by several of my friends who know the subject matter far better than I do.

Inside View from the Kentucky Riots


In last week’s Dump, I shared an article describing the difference between the riots that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri and those that occurred on college campuses following the national college basketball tournament games. Here’s another enlightening perspective from an officer who has worked these collegiate riots for almost 20 years. It’s worth reading. The views he shares might be somewhat different than those you’ve heard in the national media.



Magpul Addresses Glock Mag Issues


If you were among the first to buy the new Magpul Glock replacement magazines, you should ensure that you receive the upgraded replacement mag body.








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