Weekend Knowledge Dump- January 17, 2014

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Here are a few links to articles and videos I found interesting this week. Some are intellectual. Some are informative. Some are just fun. If you have some free time, check them out this weekend.


The Boycott is a Bourgeois Form of Protest


“No shot-callers care about your personal boycott, which matters about as much as your fringe vote, so refusing to buy something you could use or paying more to buy it elsewhere is self-destructive asceticism at best, and vapid in-group social posturing at worst. You’re not starving the beast. You’re starving yourself, or starving your cause.

Use the system. Use it like a whore. Take what you want from it and leave the rest for the rats.

And what’s more — instead of boycotting, turn the whole thing around.

Don’t worry about withholding money from the people you don’t like. Concentrate on putting resources into the hands of people doing things you enjoy or believe in.

Don’t go out of your way to avoid buying something from a company you hate. Go out of your way to buy something from a company you like.”

6 Trees Every Survivalist Should Know


Great survival information that everyone should learn…



Simple Interrupted Sutures


For anyone who has attended my medical class, here is a quick video review of the suture technique I taught.



Guns and Violence in the United States, By the Numbers


A nice series of graphs showing firearms ownership, accident rates, and violent crime stats over the years.


The care and feeding (and shunning) of vampires


Good advice here…

“Shun the ones who feed on your failures.”





Useful information to know in an emergency….



Minimalist Stretching and Mobility


An excellent minimalist training and flexibility program from Dan John.  If you only have a couple of days a week to work out, this would be a good program.


Video: Cedric Gracia’s Brush with Death


Here’s a video training scenario for everyone who has taken my medical class. This bike rider crashed and broke his pelvis, slicing his femoral artery. The wound was spurting blood and too high to apply a tourniquet. What is the correct response?

Caution, video is bloody and graphic. Note that one of the riders used the “kneel on the wound” technique I teach to put pressure on the bleeding vessel.



Your Nature


“It’s in your nature to fight.  It is in your nature to be strong.  It is in your nature not to be a victim. We are the products of 4 billion years of bloody evolution, where the victims were eaten. Everyone dies, we aren’t immortal, but we don’t die easily.  Not naturally.”



Factors Affecting M14 Rifle Accuracy


For those of you old school M-14 shooters out there…


Considerations for Night Operations


Some excellent tips from Max Velocity about fighting at night.  I’m reading his book Contact right now and it is proving to be a valuable investment.




Freezing to death in your own home? Learn to live in just one room


Simple advice from the Survival Mom about staying warm if your furnace stops working.  Her book is a must read for any prepper.  One other thing you might consider is purchasing a kerosene heater.  This one is the one that I have.  It heats my 1300 square foot house to almost 70 degrees for 12 hours on one tank of kerosene.  If you do have a kerosene heater, you’ll also want a carbon monoxide detector.  Use it in a well ventilated area as well.  For $100, it’s cheap insurance.




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2 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Trevor Shepherd says:

    Thanks for posting this interesting stuff, Greg. I always look forward to this when I get home from work on Friday evenings.

    1. Regarding the night time ops, Max Velocity, etc: There are some weird hobbies that people have. Stuff you’d never know about if you did not stumble onto it. One “sub-culture” of our society is outdoor recreation in the dark. There are people, lots and lots of them, who are enthusiastically, and adeptly, go hiking deep in the woods in the dark. And, they go kayaking on rivers, in the dark. Not talking about a walk on a trail near the road. I’m talking deep in the woods, in the dark. Not talking about hat-mounted flashlights. They walk, in the dark. And they are good at it. I used to work with a doctor who was frustrated that he could never get out onto the trail until there was like one hour of daylight left, and so in desperation he learned to hike int the dark, for miles deep into the woods. In doing that he met up with lots of other people doing the same thing. I live near the Susquehanna River and from time to time there are boaters or kayakers who go overboard in the late night hours. I used to think these must be drunk assholes who get lit up and then go out “for a boat ride”. No, these are guys who kayak all the time, in the dark, in the cold, on real fast-flowing rivers. No alcohol, no drugs, not assholes, just regular guys who like being out there, in the dark. Find these people. Learn from these people. Practice what they teach you. Forget night vision and FLIR and what not. These are the people you need to train with.

    2. Regarding the stuff by Rory Miller about “your nature”… He says, “I understand that people need to be trained from a very young age to get along. But training makes it a choice and conditioning removes choices. And it seems that more and more effort is going into making people more and more passive. Who wanted you to be a victim so badly that they convinced you passivity was normal? Who feared your animal nature so much?” I get what he is saying, I think, and I understand the point, but… Don’t get lulled into thinking that every asshole out there deserves your attention and your fight. George Washington had two basic strategic principles (along with his unyielding faith in Divine Providence) that carried him through the Revolutionary War: A. Never let the enemy choose the time and place of battle. B. Never fight a battle unless something useful is gained by winning it. Going back to Rory Miller’s post, I can’t help but wonder, amongst other things, if some asshole texting during a movie is a battle worth fighting. Maybe, just maybe, “getting along with people; live and let live” might just maybe kind of be a better strategy in that kind of situation, because…nothing is gained by fighting with texting-dude and winning. Those situations come up in life all the time. Choosing to walk away is not some “less than manly” or “below human nature” thing. It is called prudence, and that is the quality that wins wars.

  2. Trevor Shepherd says:

    A related point about Rory Miller’s post: Maybe the difference between Gladiators and Generals is the capacity to skillfully employ prudence. I’d rather be a general than a Gladiator.