Weekend Knowledge Dump- August 12, 2016

Written by Greg Ellifritz

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Knowledge to make your life better.  If you have some free time, check out some of these links this weekend.


What Should You Do If Protestors Surround Your Car?


Great advice from Dave Young about what to do if “protestors” attack your car.  I also like pepper spray grenades for this purpose if things get really bad.



Rifles and Reliability — 70 Years of Progress


How reliable are today’s battle rifles in comparison to those of World War Two?




Kerry Davis talks about how to apply a commercial tourniquet and how to improvise on if you need to.



A New Perspective

FireShot Screen Capture #017 - 'training_perspective_gillian_pdf' - startingstrength_com_articles_training_perspective_gillian_pdf
A great article from former CrossFit poster girl Gillian Mounsey about why she doesn’t do CrossFit anymore (opens to PDF).



Debunking Training Myths: Myth 1—People Have Different Learning Styles.


Learn the true scientific facts behind student learning styles.


Grip Strength Training


Ron Avery details how he rehabbed his grip strength after surgery by using Ironmind grip training tools.  I have all of the tools Ron mentioned and use them regularly.  They are the best way I’ve found to specifically build strong grip strength.



For all of you folks engaged in the false dichotomy of right vs. left and Trump vs. Clinton. Take the time to read this article and embrace the recommendations within.



Knife Attack Held Off by Smart Victim


I first saw this technique in a ground fighting seminar taught by Royce Gracie.  Royce advised dropping to the ground and kicking if a knife wielding attacker had you backed into a corner and you couldn’t escape.  It seems useful in that context.  It may also be useful for those of you with absolutely no empty hand fighting skills.  While I think that other tactics will work better, those other tactics require training and practice.  This one doesn’t.



Escape and Evasion: Running for Your Life


Lately I’ve been carrying a belt with hidden pockets like the ones mentioned in the article.  I’ve been keeping escape tools (razor blade, handcuff keys, shims, and lock picks) in the belt pockets.  After reading this article, I have some ideas for some additional stash items.



Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC) Guidelines: June 2016 Update


The latest TECC (civilian version of the military tactical combat casualty care) medical guidelines.  Everyone should be familiar with these protocols and know how to apply pressure dressings, tourniquets, and chest seals.  Read this.  Learn the skills.  You may save a life with this knowledge.

Since we are talking about medical skills, you should also read Improving Upon Blast Injury Response in Mass Casualty Scenarios.



.410 Handgun Ballistic Gelatin Tests


Are you still carrying a Taurus Judge?  If so, check out these ballistic tests.  Note that not a single round tested passed the FBI guidelines for minimal bullet penetration.



How Women (Or Anyone With Weak Hands) Can Easily Rack A Pistol Slide


Have difficulty racking the slide of a semi-automatic pistol?  Read the article and watch the short embedded videos.



How To Properly Zero Your Scope


I’m always surprised when I hear about people taking rifles to gunsmiths in order to have scopes mounted.  It isn’t very hard.  Read this article and do it yourself!



Vitamin D: More Is Not Better


All the science you will ever need to read about vitamin D.



Are American police too violent?


A high quality analysis of the problem:

In 2015, in a Nation of 330 million people, the police made contact with over 55 million citizens.

Of those 55,000,000 contacts, there were 965 fatalities.

What that means is that of all the individuals in 2015 who had some form of official contact with a police officer in the United States in 2015, 0.00175% were killed.

“How many of that 0.00175% were “unarmed” black men who were killed by a white officer?”

About 4%.

What that means factually is this – an unarmed black American who came into contact with a white police officer in 2015 had 0.00007% chance of being killed. 

To put that into context, if you’re a black American between the ages of 15-34, you are about 132 times more likely to be killed by another young black American, than you are a white cop.”



ISIS Explains Why Islamists Hate Us, and It Has Everything to Do with Religion


Something to understand…directly from ISIS. It isn’t all about our wealth, our freedom, or their jealousy of us. It isn’t all about us conducting wars on Islamic soil. As usual, no one simple answer will suffice, despite what the news media wants you to believe.

From the latest ISIS publication, the six reasons ISIS hates the West.



In the Crosshairs: Are Our Hospitals Targets for Terrorist Attacks?


Speaking of ISIS, this article talks about the history of Islamic terrorist attacks against hospitals and makes the case that we are extremely vulnerable to a similar attack here in the USA.  After recently re-reading the reference cited (Gidduck’s When Terror Returns) I will note that not just any hospital makes a good target.  For a mass hostage siege, the terrorists have to quickly get hostage compliance without effective resistance.  That means hospitals with primarily children as patients will be the terrorists’ first choice.



Rubber Band for a Spring?


Field expedient fix for a broken AR-15 extractor spring.



What it Takes

FireShot Screen Capture #026 - 'What It Takes - Kevin R_ Davis Blog' - www_kevinrdavisblog_com_what-it-takes

If you aren’t practicing for the skills that the author describes, you will simply be unprepared should you encounter a terrorist attack.  Plinking beer cans in the back yard is not going to make you ready.



Nuevo Laredo Cartel Gun Battle

FireShot Screen Capture #028 - 'NuevoLaredoCartelGunBattle7-16-2010' - www_scribd_com_doc_35201752_NuevoLaredoCartelGunBattle7-16-2010

Valuable slide presentation about tactical lessons learned from Mexican drug cartel gun battle. This one is graphic. Don’t click on it unless you don’t mind seeing lots of blood and dead bodies. Take note of the weapons. Anyone who doesn’t own a semi-automatic rifle is behind the power curve.





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